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Yesterday I met up with the people I work with, here at Blog Central (population: us), for the very first time. You know how we live in the future, and do not have to actually personally interact with someone to work with them or know them or, eventually once the science is perfected, have sex with them. We did not have sex either virtually or at this meeting, though I kind of wanted to, when I walked in the door of the restaurant, and saw how pretty they are. The people I am lucky enough to work with–who are smart, and funny, and about as weird as me–they are also extremely awesome, and kind and it was a perfect lunch, and I am a very lucky kind of girl.

Continuing to live in the future, they have also been reading my Internet weblog for three months now, I guess it is. Three months of me talking about my ass, and my bathroom habits and my insanity and issues and personality disorders and my boobs. At one point in the conversation, with a forkful of perfectly-seared tuna heading toward my face, I realized that they know just about everything about me, and I know virtually nothing at all about them. So that was awkward.

Well, not awkward, really–it was a wonderful time and I felt like I’ve
known them forever. But the point is this: that this thing I do,
writing All About Me, that is what I am hired for. However, not only
does it sometimes make me tired, it is weird. It is weird to be telling
everyone everything that falls screaming into my head, and to know
hardly anything at all about the people reading it.

People out there, that is you. I do not know you. You say wonderful
things to me; you have wonderful advice and suggestions and comments
and thoughts and ideas. Sometimes you share your stories, and sometimes
you leave a link and I get to go look at your website in return, but for so
many commenters and readers, I’ve got nothing to go on. So many
e-mailers who won’t comment, so many people who don’t do either the
commenting or e-mailing, but I know you’re out there, watching.
Breathing. Waiting. I just creeped myself out.

So do me a favor, will you? Will you please introduce yourself? Even if you’ve commented before, or left a link, or we’ve had long, deep conversations via e-mail about our colons, will
you please go to the comments right now, and tell me who you are and how you
got here, and what it is you do and what you’re like? Say hallo! And it
will be so nice to meet you.

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  1. Hallo :)

    I’ve been reading your blogs for quite some time now. I was dealing with some weight issues and stumbled across your site via Google and the glories of search terms. This was the older site, and this was about a year and a half ago. I read about you talking about weight loss surgery for some time, but then I had a diffn’t job that didn’t allow internet surfing but would check up every now and then to see how things were going. Then I got a New Job that allows me to surf away again, as long as I bill those hours so get back to work *ahem* and found you had the surgery and then started this blog.

    I find you inspiring, hilarious, honest and genuine. I think your writing style is fantastic and I’ve shared your blog with friends who would appreciate your humor as well as friends who are dealing with weight issues.

    Thanks for being a bright spot in my day, I appreciate your humor, candor and ability to get it all out there.

    I am like a very friendly and smiley person with teeny tiny self esteem issues and it gladdens my heart to know I’m not alone.

    But I’m not like waiting and breathing hard in the bushes, because that is really really creepy. I’m just sittin at my work desk from 9-sometimes 7 and your writing is a great break from my work in public relations.


  2. Well, I feel you know at least a good chunk of me already, as I always leave long-winded comments!

    I am a person who battled the scale her whole life and then finally lost the weight (I’m currently 90 lbs lighter than my heaviest). I’d like to say permanently lost the weight, but I’m not stupid enough to take it for granted or assume that. And over the years I’ve bounced up and down a bit, but never anywhere near my heaviest. Let’s just say I work hard at it because for me the benefits are worth it.

    I will always be, as you say about yourself, a fat girl at heart. I spent too many years in that skin to ever fully shed it, and I am not necessarily sure that that’s a b ad thing, as a lot of things that make me ‘me’ came about (or were forced) because of it. Some good, some not so much, but all are a part of who I am and I have an appreciation for that person.

    I love reading blogs and other weight related sites and I found you first at your old blog, which I loved but you never updated often enough, damn it, and then followed you here.

    There is a kinship among women who share the issues we do, I think, and that, along with other things you have written, make me feel that we’d have a helluva lot of fun over a bottle of wine.

    Your posts resonate with me, always make me laugh, and, as the first commenter said and I think I’ve said here before, make us all feel a little less alone.

    Rock on, sister!

  3. Hey Anne,
    I’m two weeks away from WLS, nervous as hell and really, really, really glad (did I say really?) that I hooked onto your website. I also first found you on your Hello I’m fat blogsite and how I got there was purely an accident (I think I typed in weight loss blogs and bingo there you were).

    I just finished my master’s in food and nutritional science in May and I am defending my thesis on July 2nd with the hope of putting the F word on that project as well (finished!).

    I’ve been reading your blogs routinely and I think sometimes you crawl inside my head and pull out my very thoughts – which actually makes me feel more normal to know that I’m not alone.

    Keep on doing what you are doing -your blogsite is refreshingly honest and that is one of the things I love most about it!
    Peace and love
    Cheri :)

  4. Hallo!

    I’ve been reading forever, and even commented a few times. I followed you here from your other blog, which I had read pretty much from the start.

    I was overweight for a very long time, and only 3 or so years ago did I actually inform myself about what I would need to do to lose weight and start to follow through. Now I’m at a normal weight, looking to get a bit fitter, maybe drop 10 pounds of fat.

    I like reading diet blogs because it’s a problem I have faced and will continue to face, probably every day. Reading about others’ issues keeps me thinking about the problem everyday. Before I found other diet bloggers my weight and the attention I paid to it was very cyclical. Plus a number of you are very witty and well spoken. You make the issues that we all go through sound like the plot of a delicious novel. My own blog makes me sound like a slightly crazed 12 year old I’m pretty sure. :)

    I’ve got you on my RSS feed now (googler.com/reader for the win) so I’m definitely out there watching, and breathing. But I’m RSS-stalking others as well so you should feel relatively safe. :)

  5. I often wonder at the inequality of having a blog….. I feel like I know you so well. I am practically your best friend. I got very grumpy when you left for a while and I couldn’t find you!

    I am sure that you have many of us “best friends” lurking. You are, and always have been, a delight to read and know.

    Me? not so delightful I think, but at least perfectly adaquate. I have struggled with my weight for many years, have trouble talking about myself (no blog for me), and very much enjoy your viewpoint.

    Thank you for letting us into your life.

  6. Hi!

    I also got here through Hello, I’m Fat, which I got to through A Smaller Target, which I got to through duodenalswitch.com, which I got to through a friend who was kind enough to tell me about it when I asked her which weightloss surgery she’d had.

    I’ve also had a DS, am a year out now, and have lost about 90% of my excess weight. I pass for normal now. I wonder if it ever stops being freaky.

    I’m a teacher, and a reader, and a blogger (and a picker and a grinner, a lover, and a sinner…), a mother, and a wife. I like reading your blog because I can so totally relate to just about everything you write. Been there, you know?

  7. So, I read your blog for the day, and sat right down to tell you all about me. But I froze. I tried desperately to dredge up some witty quips about me, to show you that I get you, that I get your pain, that I’m totally into your humor, but it’s my humor, but I came up with nothing. I’m relatively new to your blog, and forgot about it for a few weeks, but just found it again yesterday. You had me from the day you posted “Rewards”, where you shared your disdain for the C25K program, but more importantly where you poetically painted the picture of your fantasy iPod Shuffle. I was just coming off of a break with my Nano, after it broke down and stubbornly refused to be reset by the iTunes website. I had to pack it lovingly into a box and ship it back to Apple, never to see it again. Sure, I got another one, but it just wasn’t the same. No one had ever nailed my love for my iPod the way you did when describing that Shuffle. From that moment on, I was hooked.

    So…fast forward to today…I totally consider you my slightly quirky, but oh! so sexy BFF. I don’t have the cool glasses, the funky haircut, or the edgy tattoos. What I do have (by the truckload) are the pockets of insecurity in an otherwise smokin’ hot package. I have neuroses to spare, and when you poignantly paint pictures of your outsides and your insides and your pain and your laughter and your rage and your sudden epiphanies, I’m with you, laughing and weeping and always, always wanting more. How do you always know how I’m feeling without my having to say? Am I really that textbook? I guess that’s what makes us BFF! =)

    Thank you for sharing your life and story with me. And, don’t worry, I’m in Chicago, and too narcissistic for anything like stalking someone else, especially from a great distance!

  8. Oh, and I guess in my telling you how fabulous you are and how you’ve touched me, I forgot to tell you…

    I’m Ami. I’m from Chicago, where I work as an Admission Counselor for an itty-bitty liberal arts college that pays me too little and expects way too much from me. I love it. I hate it. Isn’t it almost the same?

    I came to your blog through a post on the Self magazine forums page, where someone posted a link. That’s right–that’s one more person who thinks you’re fabulous.

    And, what am I like? Well, I’m the girl who alternates between believing she’s beautiful and believing that she’s just never going to measure up. Some days, I think I’m thin, thin, thin, and then I see my round little face while passing by a mirror, and I am sad. Other days, I think that I might just have devoured the earth, and have the shape to prove it. Those days, I always put on a belt, to remind myself that I, indeed, have a waist. And it’s not that big. I’ve never been very overweight–I gain and lose the same 20 or so pounds over and over and over. But my heart is a fat girl, born and bred through years of not feeling pretty enough or good enough or thin enough. So maybe it’s not about the body. Maybe feeling fat is just another way of feeling stupid or ugly or worthless or (insert your own vicious self-put-down here). Maybe feeling fat is just another way of telling yourself that you’re just not good enough.

    The beauty, and what I try to tell myself everyday, is that we are good enough, and we’d know that if we just told ourselves to shut up every once in a while.

  9. hiya! i’m kelly, and i’m cute, and i swim with sharks. my introduction to your blog came by way of elasticwaist, by way of weetabix, by way of land of awesome and booyah. as a recovered anorectic/bulimic, i relate quite closely to your stories, regarding body image and dissociation from the body. i’m in SF with you, (HI!) and am studying drama therapy at CIIS. yo.

    i dig the hell out of your writing, so if you have been wondering where all your written hell is gone, it’s because i have dug it out. sorry. let me know if you want it back.

  10. Hello! I’ve been lurking here since the beginning and love reading the stuff you write. I’m 32, mom of two (hey, a rhyme!) and I live in Finland.

    It’s weird that now, when I already have lost the 70 excess pounds I used to carry around, I’ve began to read blogs about fat issues and weight loss. I’ve cried and laughed and felt relieved that someone else also thinks and feels this way.

    Only two years ago I was practically invisible, which is kind of funny since I am a big girl (5’9). After lots of excercise and getting rid of bad habits I’m suddenly considered a human being. And unfortunately, I’m also being noticed by men.

    This really pisses me off. And is kind of flattering and I enjoy it and feel superficial and want to throw rocks at those idiots who would have never even looked at me a while ago. At PMS time I’m lethal. :)

    Although in my heaviest I weighed “only” 220 I was a fat girl. And now, weighing 143 I still am. At least a lot of time I still feel fat. I don’t belong to the skinny crowd. I’m lost somewhere in between, hovering from “OMG, the scale lied and I’m still fat and everybody else knows that except me” to “I look great and to think I’ve given birth to two 9 pound babies!”.

    At 220, I often fantasized what it would feel like to be “normal”. What I’d do, how confident I’d feel and all the men I’d have to turn down ’cause, well, I’d be really-really hot. I’m glad I didn’t know life sucks at every weight.

  11. Getting to know me, getting to know all about me.. :)

    HI! My name is Meegan. I’m almost 35 and live in southern california, land of the size 2 blonde 20 year olds. But I’m not any of those things. Well, I guess I’m sort of a blonde, if dark strawberry blonde actually counts as blonde :). Currently I’m a stay at home wife and part time student. In my free time, when I’m not reading, watching movies,taking photographs or napping, I like to read self improvement and dieting blogs and I keep a blog of my own. I’ve got about a bizzilion pounds to lose and need as much inspiration and support as I can find!!

    I found you through two different blogs, Adventures of Diet Girl and Journey of a Thousand Miles. I’ve only been reading here for about 2 months but I absolutely LOVE the way you write, particularly your sense of humor and ability to put into words all my own secret thoughts and fears. I wish that I could write like you. I’ve actually been so inspired by you that I’ve passed your journal link on to other friends as a way to spread the goodness.


  12. Hi Anne,

    I’ve commented a few times, too, but mostly, I just savor my daily dose of whatever it is you’re thinking about. You’re my favorite read in the weight loss blogsphere.

    Me? You can read a bit about me at my blogsite, but I’m a pretty average person — struggling with weight, getting it off once and for all, etc., maybe having one or two insights along the way, even though I must admit that physical disability has encouraged me much more than psychological insight, or perhaps they go together. Whatever!

    I’m just happy to be counted amongst your readers and am also very impressed with the hard, long road you’ve chosen to walk back to health.

    Cheers and regards,

  13. Hiya Anne,
    I’m an occasional commenter, but daily checker-outer of your kickass site and your witty ramblings in particular. Add fellow west coast-ian and food lover to the list. I too, get wet at the thought of the tasty local treats awaiting me in NYC (or SF, or LA or Italy or….) and basically try to balance my love of good food with the necessary evil (but sometimes loveable) habit of exercise. I can’t remember a time in my life where I wasn’t the slightest bit self conscious about my lady lumps regardless of their size, but I’d like to think I’m getting better about it. I’ve pretty much been ‘on a diet’ (even if I really wasn’t – if that makes any sense) since I was 14. I’m 28, in love, have a 4-legged son, and fit the bill of the typical energetic, outgoing, professional sales person. I like ponies,(and peonies!) bacon, high thread count sheets, cheese, the sound of David Sedaris’s voice, dirty Grey Goose martinis, dresses and long walks on the beach. ;)

  14. Greetings!

    I’ve been reading your blog for about two months now. I love your honesty about EVERYTHING you are dealing with, it’s so refreshing. You are refreshing. That’s a little creepy. I’m not hitting on you, promise.

    I’m getting ready to resign my position and head back to school full time. Iowa City here I come. My biggest fear, gaining back the 30 pounds I lost after undergrad BEFORE my wedding in January. After the wedding I still don’t want to gain the weight back. I will cope with this issue by writing lists of things to do every day and week. I will also clean when I really want to eat, this is an excellent way to distract one from food.

    That is all, it has been nice meeting you!

  15. I’m sitting here, up to my elbow in a leftover bag of doritos, drinking my beloved diet pepsi and trying to figure out what to say next. I’ve been reading you forever. Since you moved to SF. Maybe before that. Before that I think, actually. Hmm.

    I’m that chick who used to write over at road to ambition. Today is the first day in at least a year that I’ve even thought about writing over there again. But I don’t think I will. At least not today. I like writing about yarn instead.

    The details are — 30, 5’5, 215ish lbs, down 20 from my highest ever, living in Canada, working hard, writing some fiction, living with depression (but no longer suffering) and enjoying my life.

    I’ve been biking a lot lately, taking Pilates since February, and I’m doing pretty good. Shrinking some. Feeling better. Liking myself again. But do I want to blog about it? For me, I’m not sure that blogging about trying to lose weight is healthy. Hard to say. I’m really trying to avoid obsession this time. Focus yes, obsession no.

    Glad you’re here and still sharing your stuff with us.

    big hug,

  16. hi.
    I am Sandie from New Zealand… oh this kinda feels like Miss World but the higher IQ version. I am 32, and am at beginning of my weight loss adventure. I have lost 8.5 kgs and have about another 30kgs to go. I have only recently discovered your blog, but love the way you write, your daily thoughts and watching you change your life and body. Reading your blog and others like it keep me inspired and when I have days where I want to give up and go back to bed with a box of chocolates, I can read all your wonderfully exciting new experiences, and imagine what it will be like to not be the fat girl anymore.

    thanks :o)

  17. i have no idea how i got here; i’ve been reading for a couple of months.

    i don’t DO anything perse; i have health problems and haven’t been able to go to work or school for the past 2 years (chronic daily migraine) — but in my former life, i played piano and loved music. :) i’m 26, i’m married – i like to read and recently learned how to crochet. i have a feeling you’re getting waaaaay more information than you thought. ;) i enjoy reading your site and keeping up with your journey.

  18. Hi, I’m Chris (as in Christine), from Ontario, Canada. Linked over here probably from Diet Girl or maybe Pasta Queen. Started at your old blog, got hooked on the read, read the archives and followed you here. I really enjoy your humour and your take on the voyage. Thanks for sharing…


  19. Hi hi hi! I’m Melinda, that really hyper chick who’s a friend of Weetabix (and also Mo) who you met in Chicago butI have had a major girl crush on you since Hello I’m Fat.

    And I am in San Diego, 12 days away from an RNY and I am blogging, blogging, blogging about getting ready. And we need to be in the same city again soon! Pretty please!

    (Also…what, what?)

  20. Hi there! I followed your advice and i am introducing myself, hopefully to un-creep you out. I have never had weight loss surgery or anything, but i read your blog simply because i find your sense of humor enlightening and i enjoy reading what you write. Keep it up! -Cady

  21. I read you daily and often comment. I’m a fat girl in a thin body and follow your journey because it reminds me to remember my own.

  22. hello. i’m a blog lurker. i found you quite recently through a post on pastaqueen’s site. you’re a very entertaining writer!

  23. Hi
    I’ve been reading your blog since May, and quickly consumed your archives. I love your style of writing; although I have never been over 200 pounds I have lost what seems like a significant amount (40 pounds over the last three years) and much of what you write about is stuff I can relate to, even if not to the same degree. What’s more, your tone and freshness make reading your entries quite a pleasure. You have quickly moved up my list of bookmarks into the “check daily” category. Thank you for providing me with such a plethora of enjoyable new content on such a regular basis. I hope you find a book deal because I can tell that I would really like reading said book.

  24. Hi!

    I’m Tara. I learned about your kickass writings from (I think it was) MeltingMama. I’m on a WL programm that is similar to post-op life, so I’m interested in WLS, WL and rockin writers.

    I read your site every few days and TOTALLY enjoy it. I think you’re a fantastic writer and have a wicked-cool sense of humor. I’ve never commented before because I SUCK at the writing. I’m a reader. I’m a shitty speellerr, too!

    So anyway, thanks for all you share. I think you’re just fantastic and are an amazing writer!

    As for my stats:
    28, F, So Cal, SW: 312, CW: 277, GW: Whofuckingknows, Extremely happily Married, I envy your sense of fashion and I’m losing weight rapidly with Medifast. :)

    Have a great day! I shall go back to lurking in the shadows!!

  25. Hi! I am Kelli. You can see me rambling at my linked blog. I think I got here through your other blog or maybe Big Fat Deal. I had surgery just a couple of months before you, so my experience is close time-wise to what you talk about, although you have the gift for relating it in words. I never slow down long enough to think through more than a sentence or two at a time.

  26. Hi,
    Your post made me feel like a stalker, so here I am introducing myself.

    Hi! I’m Lucie. I love your blog; it’s so nice to read coherent and properly edited prose on the internet – AND I occasionally find it scary how well you express what’s going on in my brain.

    Love your (body of) work.


  27. Um. I am me.

    I don’t do nuffin’. I blog with no edited prose, and I am sorry for that.

    I have too many babies and not enough shoe.

    I found you somehow, but I can’t remember the who/what/when/where – but the why is a sure thing, it was definitely because I am in your boat.

    I enjoy your style of writing – because – it inspires me to do better. :)

  28. Oh, holy crap. You guys are amazing! Thank you so much, everyone who commented so far, or even thought about it. That is huge and awesome, and it is so lovely to have faces to names. So to speak. But I didn’t mean to suggest you were all stalkers! Just people I want to know about.

    And if you’re too shy to comment, please feel free to email me, okay? Okay!

  29. Hi Anne!

    I’m Luna. I read you daily and comment now and again. Your writing tickles me and brings me to tears, sometimes all at once. I’m not sure how I found you–probably either through PastaQueen or DietGirl–but I’ve been reading since Hello I Am Fat.

    I’m 41, I live in Milwaukee and I’m a psychologist. I’ve struggled with my weight my whole life and am currently working both to accept myself the way I am and to be comfortable enough in my own skin to adopt some healthier behaviors. My ass and my chair became best friends while I was in grad school, and now I’m trying to get it to widen its social circle a little. Ass, this is the world. Get out in it and get active!

    Anyway, thanks for sharing so much of yourself with us. Every post makes me think, laugh and see things a little differently. You’re too cool for school.

  30. Hello!

    I have no idea how I found your blog but I love it and keep coming back for more…in fact I even read all of your archives, that’s how fascinating I found you!

    I’m a girl, not a boy as the name would suggest fyi. Aside from that, what more about me do you need to know than that I am a US citizen living in Chile with my Chilean husband. I love soccer and photography and I’m unemployed.


  31. Love reading your writing. Frankly, I’d read what you had to say on most any topics – I think you’re just that witty.

    I’m trying to lose 110lbs and so I started a Future MILF (named with great irony and sarcasm) club on my blog. About 80 of us have signed up to post pounds lost and if we dorked out our weight watcher’s meeting. I’m down 20ish pounds so far.


  32. Hi
    I’m Nicky, from South Africa, happily married, mom of two boys. First thing I do when I get to work: make breakfast and check out your daily dose of wit.
    I’m battling my own mental blockage to weight loss and can total relate to your post.
    Thanks and please don’t stop.

  33. Hello :)

    I’m more a lurker than a regular poster, but even if I don’t always comment, I read everything. I found your blog through ElasticWaist, which I found through… uhm… I can’t exactly remember, I was weeding out abandoned blogs and keeping on the look-out for new, interesting ones to add to my feed reader.

    So, stuff about me… I’m French, soon 28, working part-time, having resumed my studies to become an English teacher, and generally trying to stuff everything I want to do in my life, including extra studying and writing and blogging and drawing and… right, too much for my own good. I’ve never been very heavy, I’ve also never been thin or even of a normal weight for my height and stature, but no matter what, I’ve found your blog to be a pretty inspiring read, even if I can’t relate to all of the issues. And of course, I will go on reading.

  34. I’m lauren, I’m 26 years old. I’m from New England, I’m an American, which I feel the need to qualify because I’ve been living in Korea, teaching for over a year, and you have to qualify it. I like books, and blogging and i probably found you through a friends blog. I’m psyched that it’s finally raining here after 2 days of being hot and steamy here. I’m a happy yet bitchy person sometimes and I would like to get to know myself if I wasn’t me. That was a cool moment for me.

  35. Hey Anne,

    I used to read “Hello I’m Fat,” and then Deluzy turned me onto “Body of Work” and I didn’t realize for a long time that the two were related.

    After fighting my insurance for 18 months, four days from surgery for an RNY at UCLA, the director of my medical group refused to authorize surgery and it was cancelled. I was devastated.

    In retrospect, I’ve come to view it as a blessing–I really didn’t want the RNY–I thought it was too constricting with the tiny opening into the stomach pouch and no NSAID’s ever again, but I kept ignoring that little warning bell going off in my brain. I checked into the DS and I want to do that, definitely. Of course, my insurance was cancelled because I missed the COBRA payment by ONE day…yes…ONE day (which changed EVERY month) so I now have no insurance.

    I live near Chico, Ca where I’m going to the Univ finishing my BA in English and a certificate in literary editing and publishing next May. I’m 44 so I’m an OLD undergrad–I’ve been on the 10+ year plan. *ahem* Better late than never? :-)

    I married last October to a wonderful man who is the light of my life and a pain in the ass (as all men can be), and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. I’m doing what I’m supposed to be, where I’m supposed to be, finally, for the first time in my life.

    I struggle with my weight, and diabetes type II, but it does not define me. I blog about my exciting life if you care to read.

    I have two cats and I HATE the heat. Even when I was a normal-sized little girl I hated it. My dad hated it all his life, too, until a triple bypass in 2000 made him cold easier and more often.

    I love your blog–love your writing style. It’s really fabulous. If I were a publisher I would snap you up. ;-)

    Congrats and keep up the good work.


    PS: I have a sister and two nieces living in the City so I’m there periodically.

  36. hi anne

    I can’t remember exactly how I found you (originally on Hello I am fat) but it will have been through another blog, I’m sure. I find your writing funny and insightful, and although I haven’t lost anything like the weight you have (about 65lb so far) you still hit the nail on how I feel sometimes, especially now I’m having a bit of a struggle with it all.

    It’s just nice to know there are others out there, feeling the same way I do, and writing about it in a way that makes me all “oh right I’m not mental” ( maybe a tiny bit)



  37. Well hello! I found you on a link (Mopie’s blog maybe?). I started reading your old blog and moved to this one.

    You articulate well MANY of the feelings we all have. I’ve never had WLS and don’t have enough to lose to either consider or be considered for that option – nevertheless, I find myself saying “Yes!” every time I read. :-)

  38. Hi Anne – I’ve been reading for awhile but have not commented before. I’ve struggled with my weight my whole life – from being a fat kid to being an athlete to being an anorexic to recovering but still unable to have a healthy relationship with food or with my perception of myself. That said, at 28, I’m doing so much better than I ever have before. I moved from New York to Boston in February and have been trying to use this change to motivate many others – being more responsible for eating well – heathily but also thinking more about what I’m eating, whether I enjoy it, whether it is locally grown or organic, etc etc etc.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts day in and day out with them. You inspire me to be brave and keep trying.

  39. I’m C short for a name no one ever pronounces properly. I’m pretty sure I got here via the BFD blog or your old weblog.

    I like to think that I’m kind, funny and charming – I have bad traits too ;)

    I recently had a VSG (with a sleeve) and I love reading about your transformation – both mental and physical.

  40. Hiya!
    I’m Jessica. I’ve been reading you for a couple of years, starting with “Hello I Am Fat,” which I think I found through MoPie, which I found through reading the book “Tales from the Scale.”

    That book, and then your blog and now THIS blog, was my first introduction to hearing other people talk about their weight the way that I wanted to talk about my weight but didn’t know how. I look forward to reading what you write every single day, and I hope that you realize how incredibly talented you are, and how much you’ve helped many people to identify what they were experiencing, emotionally…

    You’re just awesome, and I love your blog!

  41. Hi Anne, I’m Gwen. I’m 33, live in the DC area, I’m married and have 2 kids, and I work for a training firm. I think I found your site through DietGirl, and it’s now become the one that I save until last on my rss reader, because your posts are always so well-written and witty.
    Thank you!

  42. Hello! I’m Meghan, I blog at megameggs.wordpress.com, and I’ve been reading for about a month. I found you via Melting Mama’s website (I think). I’m awaiting approval for gastric bypass surgery, and reading about your life after weight loss inspires and intrigues me. I love your work!

  43. I’m Dom, 27, from Brighton in England. I came across this blog via ‘hello I’m fat’, which was recommended on Minimins, a weight loss forum I frequent! Oh yeah, and even though I have a boy’s name, I’m a girl.

    I lost 4-5 stone last year on the LighterLife programme (you don’t get to eat anything apart from shakes/soups/bars/LOTS of water until you decide you’ve lost enough weight. Yes. It was hell. It worked though), and have been eating since April 2006, and am still around my original goal weight.

    I read your blog every day, and I’m finding it really interesting the way people react differently to you and the way you are reacting to yourself. I hated people noticing the weight being gone for ages, but am finally, over a year later, starting to see myself as a slim person, rather than someone who has a temporary pass to slimsville, and who can be visited by the Fat Fairy in the middle of the night at ANY time!

  44. Hi,

    I’m Alana. I’ve been reading your site for about a month now and I have to tell you I absolutely love it. I love your stories, your honesty, and bluntness. You have a way of expressing the feelings that are going on inside of me that I can never seem to get out.

    At my highest weight I was 299lbs. I am currently weighing in at 189lbs but I have a long way to go. I’ve been working out and watching what I eat and this is the first time in my 25years that I have seen a change.

    You are an inspiration and I wish you the best!



  45. Hi!

    I first found you over on your old blog, and I’ve been reading you here since you started. I read a lot of weight loss/body acceptance type blogs, and I really think that your voice stands out. I never get halfway through one of your posts and think, wait, whose blog is this again?

    As for me, I’m 24 and on the bigger end of mainstream. I’ve also recently become incredibly intolerant of certain foods – dairy, carbonation – so your wedding aftermath post kind of spoke to me. I’ve definitely eaten the cookie or drunk the beer even when I knew there would be dire consequences.

    Thanks for so many great posts!


  46. *waves*

    I commented a few times over on Your Other Blog way back when. I’ve started my own. I’m still a huge fan.

    I’m too sleepy for exclamation points right now. But trust me, I’m a huge fan. :)

  47. I live in Columbus Ohio, I have been reading you for years (your old blog (which you totally dropped?)) I believe Annalisa told me about you on anaphase (I know her because she used to live in Columbus and worked with my Husband, I don’t know how you two are connected (in person or via the blogosphere))…it was probably 2000 or 2001 I have been pretty good at keeping caught up since then. Then you start blogging all of the time here…so here I am. I haven’t had surgery and I need to loose weight, I hope it doesn’t come to surgery someday, but it is nice to know people out there that have gone through it. Plus you are a great writer; you make me laugh and cry….in my office at my desk (shhh…)! ;)

  48. Hello!

    I found your blog maybe a month back, I think from PastQueen, and I’ve been hooked since. I’m a 23-year-old graduate student from Philadelphia, recently engaged and hoping to drop about 50 pounds before my wedding next year(I’m currently hovering around 200 pounds). Reading blogs like yours is helping me realize that yes, despite the statistic that, like, 95% of people who lose weight gain it all back, there ARE people out there who actually manage to change their lives and styles of eating and keep the weight OFF! So I just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration, and keep fightin’ the good fight!

  49. Hi. I made my way here from Big Fat Deal a month or two ago. I actually have a very bad concept of time, so it may have been longer. I’m about to turn 30, I live in Seattle, and I keep coming back to Body of Work because I dig your style. It’s a struggle for me to stay motivated and consistently make good food choices and keep to an exercise regimen, so it helps to hear what other people are going through. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  50. Hi,
    I found you through your old blog and also through Elastic Waist which I found through weetabix’s diaryland page. I love your style too and I have to admit I am glad you got this gig so you are forced to update more!
    I’m about to enter the final two yrs of my Nutrition degree to be a registered dietitian. I lost roughly 30-40 lbs twice (had a baby in between) and started reading weight loss/fitness blogs a few years ago. My focus is now on eating for my health instead of my weight and the world feels a lot lighter on my shoulders. Thanks for being you and sharing it with teh Internets.

  51. Hi – I’m another one that found your site via mopie via ‘tales from the scale’. I don’t remember how long I’ve been a reader, though I remember I loved your blog title (Hello I am Fat pretty much sums up how I feel whenever I introduce myself) and read though your whole archives in one sitting.

    I’m 38, just moved from Santa Barbara to New Zealand with my husband, and am the poster child for yo-yo dieting. I’ve been gaining/losing the same 40 pounds over and over since high school, and am determined that THIS will be the year that I lose them permanently (really. not like all those OTHER 20 years I tried).

  52. hi anne…

    i’m terry, i’m also in SF, and like many others, can’t remember how i found you (initially at hello i am fat) but have been addicted ever since i did.

    i’m 40something and have struggled with my weight for most of my life and find that i can SO relate to nearly everything you write about. i’ve been up the scale, down the scale, and back up again… but am slowly coming down now.

    i decided WLS isn’t for me, but am finding that returning to an old, abandoned hobby — dance — has been the best thing i’ve done for my body in years. i started taking class again last summer (hula, actually) and not only is the class itself getting me in better shape, my desire to be a better dancer has prompted me to get out and exercise MUCH more… more than anything else i can recall.

    that was quite a tangent.

    anyway… hi! love your writing! thanks for sharing your life with us.

  53. Hello! I’m Alice, a not-so-rencent emigree from the Bay Area, and I came across your blog via Weetabix’s site. I’ve kept coming back since finding you because your voice is remarkably unique, both in your delivery (which is excellent) and your content (which is soul-nourishing in the extreme.)

    I’m in my late 20s, a nonprofit admin/$ wrangler type in the professional world, and figuring out that I’m never going to have that tidy of a title outside of the professional world. I’m heavy, have been for a while, and have been figuring out different ways of approaching it for longer than that. (Oh, those lovely days of youth where a size 12 was *soooo* fat.)

    I have a ridiculously hard time doing things that might inconvenience someone else, even when they’re what’s best for me. I miss my friends and life in the Bay Area more than I’d ever thought possible. I have no patience for many traditional approaches to femininity and body image, despite having internalized a lot of those approaches. (Makes for some fun internal conflicts, that.) And I am a perennial lurker most of the time.

  54. Hi there. I’m Jeni – I’ve been reading you daily and I have to say I love your posts. So honest, real, and brilliant writing. I’m one of those people whose been trying to lose weight for my entire life, and I’m still sort of sucking at it. But I’m still trying, so I guess that’s the best I can do.

  55. Hi, my name’s Mary, I’m a 46 year old mother of three who lives near Seattle and works part time. Not sure how I found you, but I think it was probably through Weetabix. I am fascinated by your take on things, almost every day you make me see things in a new way. I am in the midst of yet another attempt to lose weight and keep it off, and I’m thinking this time it just might work.

  56. Hi Anne! I’m Leah, and I’ve commented a bit so I’m not “entirey” a stranger. Your writing is awesome and rocks my world each and every day.

    I had Lap-Band surgery in 4/07 and am struggling with it, dealing with it, etc. I also have chronic pain/illness issues, and my head can be a scary place sometimes.

    Having weight loss surgery is both forcing me to deal with these issues, and is a result of my dealing with these issues already (couldn’t have gotten the Band without doing some of the other headwork, and then the weight loss brings up more…..etc).

    Anyway, I hesitate to say what I really feel, for fear you’ll think I’m a crazy cyber-stalker, but I love your blog! I aspire to write half as well as you do. You inspire me with your weight loss, with your putting the issues “out there”, and with your amazing writing style.

    Thanks for sharing your work with us. It is truly amazing, on many levels.

  57. Hey! Look at all the props here, sugar! That is some testimony/AnneFLoveFest07 – enjoy. You’ve met me. You know I have a functioning vehicle at my disposal. Please SMS me if you are going to need a ride home from the airport tomorrow in said vehicle.


  58. Hi Anne, I posted yesterday that I’d found Body of Work via DietGirl, but I take it back, because I just remembered that I first linked to your blog through Manolo’s Shoe Blog. He’d linked to you because of a post about boots so beautiful they would make Manolo fall to his knees crying with the beauty of them.

    So….have you seen Manolo’s Help Wanted post? I don’t want to presume, but I for one would love to have another place to read your writing!

  59. Hullo Anne!

    I’m Ellen. I am an editor at a Web site near Washington, D.C. I read your blog and Go Fug Yourself every day at lunch, religiously, because I think they are two of the funniest, most well-written sites on the Intarweb, though of course they are wildly different in almost every other way.

    I first found your old site through a link from (I think) ejshea.com, and read it all in one big gulp (pardon the metaphor). I think you’re a great writer, honest and funny and never, ever pretentious. You = good.

  60. Hello. Got here via Weetabix. I love reading about your intensely felt feelings and your observations of/discomfort with/excitement about your new phase of life. I think we should all try to be as aware of our existence as you are courtesy of your physical changes.

    I like the way you write about the choices you’ve got and the mental feedback you experience. I love reading blogs (voyeur) and you give good blog. Best wishes!

  61. I was turned onto your site by the lovely DeLuzy, who is one of my sisters from the Sassy Fatty webring. I should send her a little love note for doing so ..

  62. Hi Anne, I’ve been lurking for a while now, and find your writing to be a salve in wounds I’ve been nursing since early childhood. I’ve never been obese (hovering around size 12/14) until recently (now close to 26/28), but always felt this size. You’ve helped me to feel good about the body I occupy now, so that I can work on slimming it down for my health. I am married with one child, living in SF. I enjoy your writing genius, and hope that you know how much you’ve affected so many.

  63. Hello, I’m Shelly. I’m 34 years old. I’m originally from West Virginia, but have been recently uprooted to Connecticut. It’s weird being around all the Yankees.

    I have three kids – 12, 3 and 1 year. I’m a web designer, but funnily enough, my degree is actually in the culinary arts – I’m a former pastry chef turned uber-techno-dweeb.

    I honestly can’t remember how I found you – I’ve been reading you for a *very* long time. I just like how you write, and you’ve got an excellent sense of humor.

  64. Hi there – I’m Gillian, I’m 39, live in Scotland. I can’t remember how I found your blog, even though it was only a few weeks ago! But I’ve loved reading it, you’re so inspiring. Well done, please keep writing!

  65. I’m Chiara and I must have found you through Weetabix, I think. I’m an American currently living in New Zealand and will probably always identify as a fat girl; I have no idea what I weigh at the moment but that’s possibly because I still have a hard time converting kilos into pounds in my head. Your writing, it is amazing, and I look very much forward to making out with you one day…in a *literary* way…when I get back to the States!

  66. Hi–you probably have so many of these introductions now that you’ll never catch up, but I don’t want you to be creeped out by my silent breathing, either. I found your original site through a link from, probably, either Big Fat Deal or Clawing Up from Under, and was hooked at once by your style, which is, I hope you appreciate, one hell of a nice “voice” in the invisible digital world in which voice is all we have.

    I’m a college prof and a writer, forty years old, white, female, married. Like most of us, I’ve had weight problems, but have been lucky in that they’ve been comparatively minor (gone from about sixty pounds over my “ideal weight” to about twenty over.) My husband has had more weight troubles than I, and if my own experiences hadn’t made me aware of how much is involved in our fraught relationship with the flesh in this country, his would have.

    I read a number of weight-related ‘blogs, and it’s fascinating (and hair-raising) how weight, like race or adoption or gender or any of a host of issues, is a real litmus strip for the dysfunctions of a culture, at least of our culture. It’s a fracture point, the place where the pressures and stresses that are normally hidden become wildly visible. Like the “identified patient” in family systems counseling, the overweight are blamd for their “weakness” in response to a immensely complex range of pressures and dysfunctions, when what weight really shows is what some of those pressures and dysfunctions are. It’s endlessly interesting and frightening, and you’ve shown me a great deal about how it all works, maybe because you’re so aware of, and so articulate about, what’s going on with you and your interactions with others. So, thank you!

  67. Hi Anne,
    It seems that People who Read, Read Anne. Anne, you’re a writer! You editors on here, are you telling your publishers about Anne? I’m a librarian–I’m waiting for her to publish “Body of Work” when it’s ready. Someone just stole the title, I was upset (see Amazon) when I saw it at Border’s on the new books table. Anne, I’m fascinated by the transformation you’re going through and all the body issues. (You are DEF. a Scorpio!!) I have body issues revolving around about 15 lbs, but I’ve never been technically overweight. What I am is a voracious reader and writer. I assume you probably read, but I KNOW you can write. Keep at it, girl! I wanna see this in PRINT!
    PS: I probably found you on Tales from the Scale originally, a couple of years ago…

  68. Hi, I am Victoria and I have some food issues (smile). I love the way you write and the issues you have I feel are universal or at least I think I get it. I am married, with 2 small kids, I work full time outside the home and as they say, a man may work from sun to sun, but a woman’s work is never done. So the time I take to read your blog is a nice break and gives me a little time to reflect, also. I hope to raise two kids with healthy eating habits and no issues, but as my husband and I used to say when my son was born, maybe he’ll be a good writer and can at least make a living writing tell all books about how we messed him up.

  69. Hi!
    ok, i’m de-lurking……..
    I’ve been checking you out for a few weeks…..read your archives (wierd, isnt it?)and enjoy your witty writing and all that jazz.

    i hopped here from somewhere a few weeks ago. i can’t remember from where…more than likely someone i visited frequently had you listed in their “blogs they check out section”…this is usually how i find other people.

    I’m 25yrs old. trying to lose weight…i have roughly 90lbs or so to go. i have a list of people i like to check out…who inspire me…make me laugh. keep me in perspective that i should not give up….i mostly blog and read blogs at work (cardinal sin, i know…if you only knew how much i hated my job….it wouldnt’ seem so bad!)

    i’ve got semi warped food/body image issues….i am muddling thru them day by day….reading blogs (your included) is a form of self imposed therapy…as well as entertainment :)

    check me out if you’ve got the time……started blogging roughly 3 months ago as well….i update fairly frequently…except for last week, when i was out of town…but i am trying to catch up now.

  70. ooops…..typed in the wrong link…the one above will take you to some football fan…..lol. the one below should get you to me…..

  71. PLORK!!!!

    Hi, Anne. (Again.)

    It’s littlem. You know, via Mo and the original BFD?

    I’m sure you can tell from my fake gangsta speak that I’m chillin’ (not really, the heat is REALLY hell now) in NYC — although I was booorrrnnn … in Pasta Queen’s staaaaate … (if you haven’t yet seen Breakin’ Away, with a young hot Dennis Quaid, that was filmed in B-ton, IN, the joke is waiting for you.)

    Lowcarbing successfully (even, possibly, gourmetly?), finally having figured it out and taken some knife skills classes. (For chefing, silly.) Threw out the scale years ago, measure by what jeans fit (which is why I keep all my clothes and am a bad swapper. I still send a box to Dress for Success every year though.)

    Oh! And thanks to encouragement from you and Mo, I guest blog from time to time at Dr. Stacey’s — Every Woman Has an Eating Disorder. She is wicked cool.

    I am sure that you know that I will always be a hardcore fan.

  72. Hi Anne,

    I just discovered your blog (through a link on Southern Fried Fatty’s), and I have to say that I am addicted. Literally. I’ve been feverishly reading since Saturday, trying to catch up.

    I love your honesty. Thank you for sharing your life and weight loss journey with all of us “unknowns” out here in cyber land.

    I have struggled with my weight my entire life. I’m currently following Weight Watchers and trying to exercise 4-5 times a week. I’m also gearing up (mentally and physically) to beging the C25K program.

    I love your blog. Your writing is brilliant and engaging.

    Thank you.

  73. Hi Anne,

    I just discovered your blog (through a link on Southern Fried Fatty’s), and I have to say that I am addicted. Literally. I’ve been feverishly reading since Saturday, trying to catch up.

    I love your honesty. Thank you for sharing your life and weight loss journey with all of us “unknowns” out here in cyber land.

    I have struggled with my weight my entire life. I’m currently following Weight Watchers and trying to exercise 4-5 times a week. I’m also gearing up (mentally and physically) to beging the C25K program.

    I love your blog. Your writing is brilliant and engaging.

    Thank you.

  74. Hi Anne,

    I just discovered your blog (through a link on Southern Fried Fatty’s), and I have to say that I am addicted. Literally. I’ve been feverishly reading since Saturday, trying to catch up.

    I love your honesty. Thank you for sharing your life and weight loss journey with all of us “unknowns” out here in cyber land.

    I have struggled with my weight my entire life. I’m currently following Weight Watchers and trying to exercise 4-5 times a week. I’m also gearing up (mentally and physically) to beging the C25K program.

    I love your blog. Your writing is brilliant and engaging.

    Thank you.

  75. Hi Anne,

    I just discovered your blog (through a link on Southern Fried Fatty’s), and I have to say that I am addicted. Literally. I’ve been feverishly reading since Saturday, trying to catch up.

    I love your honesty. Thank you for sharing your life and weight loss journey with all of us “unknowns” out here in cyber land.

    I have struggled with my weight my entire life. I’m currently following Weight Watchers and trying to exercise 4-5 times a week. I’m also gearing up (mentally and physically) to beging the C25K program.

    I love your blog. Your writing is brilliant and engaging.

    Thank you.

  76. Hi – I found your blog a few days ago when I took a link from Fat Fu to BFD to here. I’m a 41 year old single mom by choice of a 2 year old boy and would love to have more children. I am at my highest weight right now. It seems it remembered that preg. weight and I just can’t get rid of it. I’ve always believed my weight (always felt fat, but wasn’t really when I was younger now that I look at pics, but have struggled as an adult). I was amazed when I found Fat Fu and a few other sites that were fat friendly and struggled with issues I have. In addition to the young child, I have an old dog, a foster dog, a cat, and a fish. I work full time and have a good full life with lots of friends. I just wih the fat fairy would come and waive her wand to make it less impossible to loose weight (yes, it IS so unfair). I used to live in SF. I can really relate to a lot of things you say like not feeling as fat as you look on the inside. But, not as much on others, like the pictures (still want them of me and my son even if I am fat). I think your story is amazing and you have courage to do what you have and tell about it. I’m much more of a lurker and am only commenting because you asked. I also have a blog (mostly about my struggle to have a child/children), but often forget other people can and do read it and don’t really think about how many or who or when. Yet, I respect that people feel differently, hense the comment. Anyway, I have really enjoyed what I have read so far. Deb

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