I have very generous people in my life, with excellent taste, so I was showered with most awesome birthday gifts—books, and a massage and DVD sets and awesomeness and that would have all been more than enough, but then I got a Wii. A Wii! The Nintendo gaming system of crazy coolness that is impossible to find and that I’ve been jonesing over, like a big nerd, ever since it came out, and now I have a Wii and now I am screwed because I won’t ever be leaving the house ever again.

E. gifted it to me on Friday night, and we meant to set it up immediately, but got distracted. But! The next day! We set it up and I curled up on the futon and I was immediately and completely entranced with the baton thing and the nunchucky thing and how waving your hands around makes the things go on the screen and you can build a little avatar of yourself and all your friends that you will lose because it is mesmerizing! It’s addictive! It’s stupidly fun and it is possible you will never again be productive, have friendships, or leave the house which will become a pit of filth and despair for as long as you live, once you get a Wii, but at least you will get in your aerobic exercise, with all the bouncing jumping punching flailing and if you’re me, almost knocking over the TV. And there will be no one to see you make a fool of yourself. Which is kind of a very sad and lonely image, now that I think about it.

It is a whole new world of video games for me. Way back in the misty
mists of time, one rainy Saturday, my father got me and my brother an
Atari. I wrestled my brother to the ground and took away the controller
and I played the weird Atari version of Pac Man until my eyes were
ground down into grit, and a nerd was born, and it was a beautiful
thing. We wore out that Atari. We were thrilled when the Nintendo came out,
and then the Super Nintendo, and then we swapped over to the

Years later, when I was in college, I bought myself a Playstation 2, to
my boyfriend at the time’s delight. Less to his delight, I stayed up
’til all hours playing role-playing games—the types of games with
stories, and characters that needed to be leveled up. I’d spend an
entire weekend in front of the television, just leveling up my
characters, from 1 to 99. It was the most meditative, relaxing thing I
could possibly do after a hellish school week. It was mindless,
repetitive, and so incredibly soothing I cannot even tell you, to sit
curled up on the couch and direct my little men all over the pixelated
screen, jabbing at buttons when necessary. No surprises, nothing to tax
my head, just monster battle, monster battle, monster battle, and a
sense of accomplishment at the end, because there my guys were, pumped
up and ready to kick some serious ass I moved through the harder levels
of the game.

I have never entirely stopped doing that; I still own both my
Playstation and Playstation 2; I wish I had an original Nintendo; I
have been jonesing for the Playstation 3, and when the Wii came out,
something in my heart went ping, and I realized I had been waiting for
it all my life. In the meantime, I play role-playing games, I spend way
too much time leveling up, and if you knew how excited I was when I
heard that the composer of the Final Fantasy series score
was touring in the United States, you’d shake your head at me.

This is not, you understand, something I have ever confessed to before,
in a public forum. I admit readily to being kind of a dorky girl, but
the extent of my dorkiness, that’s something I generally keep under
wraps. And now you understand why I shrieked when I opened my Wii, and
danced around the room, and why we went immediately to the store the
next day to get me a game and then to the video store to rent a handful
more and when we weren’t distracted, we were playing video games. And
now it is a struggle, when I come home from work late, and tired, and
with a list of nine hundred things I must do and have to do and cannot
possibly put off, to not immediately plop on the futon and fire up the
console (the controllers? Have a power button! How cool is that?) and
spend the rest of night playing, and playing and playing and not
thinking about my life. Video games, they’re easier than life.

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  1. Me too, me too! I’m turning 34 this month and all I want is an XBox 360 and the new Splinter Cell. And a lifetime supply of Diet Cokes.

  2. Uhm, I got an x-box 360 for my graduation present from college just so I could play Halo 3.

    I also have a level 70 on world of warcraft…


    God I love video games.

  3. I admit I’m not much into the whole video game thing…..but I WOULD like to hear more about E and the distractions……

  4. I bought us (my husband and myself) a wii for our anniversary…I love it to death. The best part? Getting a little tipsy and battling out!

  5. Hi. My name is Tara. I’m in recovery.

    7 years of EverQuest.
    2 years of World of Warcraft.
    1/2 a year in recovery.

    This is the ONLY reason we don’t have a Wii…yet. I have some major, major goals to hit. Once I reach those and enroll in school (ahem at 29)and my goals are met, my FIRST reward is a Wii. :)

    In the meantime my entertainment is focusing on my goals, reaching/exceeding them THEN I get to P L A Y! I can’t wait.

    I wanted to share that you’re not alone! I’ll be revising the gaming world by Jan ’09. I can’t wait! As for you, enjoy those ‘distractions’!!

  6. I LOVE the Wii too! I get sweaty and pumped when I play tennis and sometimes I’m even sore the next day. I can’t say that for my DS, but I think you should get one of those too, if only so you can play FF3. It’s comparable to FF7 but was never released in the US (if I understand correctly). And the DS comes in pink!

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