waste not

Sometimes a waste of a day is exactly what you need, after a
long week of being very busy and important and running yourself ragged because
that is just what you do in the service of accomplishment and industry.
Yesterday was a complete and utter waste of a day, and it was nothing but
frustrating and made me wish very hard for a Ctrl-Z function on life, because I
would Ctrl-Z all the way back to Saturday night, where I stayed up until 3:00 in
the morning watching What Not To Wear
and folding clothes that could really have been folded the next day, hello good
morning. That is where the trouble started, if we are going to be tracing the
causes and the effects.

So I stayed up until 3:00 a.m. for no good reason, but still expected to wake up at 8:00 a.m., bright and early and ready to face the day! And complete my tasks! And continue on my quest to live and love and have a fulfilling and happy life! I was so convinced that I am a superhuman who can function on 5
hours of sleep and bounce up and greet the day with unbridled enthusiasm that I
did not set my alarm. Thusly, I slept until 3:00 p.m.

That is a lot of sleep. That is entirely too much sleep. What am I saying? That is a delightful amount of sleep which normally I would approve of, but which was disastrous on a day when I had so much to do, and so
little time to do it.

There was proofreading—two books in their entirety, plus
ongoing chapters and various writing assignments of varying lengths and laundry
begging to be done, otherwise I would be left naked and a house begging to be
picked up; otherwise the clutter would rise up and tidal wave over me, leaving
me broken and for dead, which means I wouldn’t be able to wrap holiday presents
for the single bright spot in the day, the monthly dinner party/gift exchange
that very evening, but much too early in the evening because oh my god, how was
I supposed to get everything done?

The logical thing, of course, was to pack up a shopping cart
of clothing I had purged from my closet and toddle down the block to Crossroads
Trading Company
order to sell it. Which is, as I have mentioned, actually totally logical,
because I am a dumbass who miscalculated in the course of holiday (and clothes)
shopping, and was about to overdraw my bank account by $14.00, once all the
pending transactions posted on my account. Hooray!

So I thought—cash for clothes! I will make at least, god, 300 bucks off this giant stack of clothes. At the very least a
hundred. Let’s try not to get too excited. Underestimate, I thought, so that I
can be pleasantly surprised!

I got out of the house by 4:00, made it to the store by quarter
after, and sat and waited for an hour and a half while two hipster girls pawed
through bags and bags of clothing and then handed out wads of cash. I tried to
work on some of my freelance stuff, but the girl next to me on the bench kept
elbowing me while she gestured wildly, screaming at her boyfriend on her cell
phone. So that was awesome.

Finally, my turn. I haul up my three sacks of clothing and
shoes. The girl behind the counter looks at them, and at me. "Do you know
how we work here?" she said. "No!" I said. "We only take
fashionable and fashion-forward clothing that’s in season." "Oh," I
said. "I probably have nothing for you." "We’ll see," she

It took her about a minute and a half to reject every single
article of clothing, except for two blouses, and every pair of shoes except
one. "That’ll be 14 dollars," she said. "Huh," I

Is that irony? That might be a little bit of irony. I am not
really sure. But it was 5:30 p.m., and I still had to go drag everything in my cart
home, find wrapping paper, wrap presents, take a shower and get ready to leave
for dinner and that was the entirety of my day. Overdrawn by $14 at the bank,
given $14 and a kick in the pants at the used clothing store, and nothing else
at all to show for this period of daylight, except a big purple vein throbbing
in my forehead and a vague sense that I am a waste of space. Thank god dinner was going to have wine.

2 Replies to “waste not”

  1. When you started out with “sometimes a waste of a day is exactly what you need” I was going to holler Amen! and tell you how I did absolutely nothing yesterday either and isn’t that cool and aren’t we just like sisters, you and me, living parallel lives on opposite coasts.

    Except then I read further and your day kinda sucked and I was really sorry to hear that. I spent a good chunk of yesterday (after starting the day by paying bills–see, like sisters!) on the couch in my jammies. So there is where our parallel lives diverged I guess, because THAT is the kind of waste of a day that felt like a gift from the gods.

    Whereas that clothing place sounded more like hell on earth.

    But at least the day ended with wine, so all was not lost.

  2. Crossroads is so snide! And I swear they base their decisions on how hip you the seller looks – I’ve seen them take total crap from skinny Juicy-wearing girls right after rejecting my bitchin’ size 16 leather skirts.

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