almost home

Hi! I’m in Utah! Thank you for all your well wishes. Also, I am cold! Being in Utah and being cold: these things may be related.

It turned out to be a 13-hour drive, and while it
sometimes felt endless, it was something approaching fun, because I drove with
my E., and we are pretty good at having a good time when we are together. It is
a talent we have. We arrived in Utah at dark o’clock because we left a little
late, and found that my apartment is not yet ready because my landlord is
all-the-way around crazy, so he is downstairs laying weird tile and I am
squatting upstairs in an a studio he has not rented yet. I had just wanted to
arrive, to move in, to be home and safe and ready to start, and instead I’m
still stuck in this transition stage, where everything I own is in boxes, and I
do not belong anywhere.

It is not all bad—E.’s roommates,
strong and crazy-wonderful
and tough like bulls, every one of them—moved all those boxes from the
into my still-unfinished apartment in under an hour. I took them out
for thank-you
pizza, and we watched a movie and I was not physically repulsed by
Crowe but instead found him terribly charming. E. took me for
essentials (how
does one live without peanut butter toast and toilet paper, possibly in
order?), and now I am in my temporary home, my stuff downstairs and me
upstairs, curled up on my mattress in the middle of the room, snuggling
with my little freaked-out cat, sleepy as hell, and also desperately
out and just wanting this all to be over, please, I’d like to get on
with the
rest of my life, you know? I have stuff to do? I can’t spend the rest
of my
life, like, moving? I need solid ground and a sense of security, you

I am hopeful—I’m supposed to move in Tuesday. I have got an Internet
connection, here in my squatter’s den. Comcast is coming tomorrow, and won’t
that be nice? I’ve got a cabinet full of food, a whole day to work on freelance
stuff, to cuddle with my cat, to do some writing, even, and then a boy coming
over to say hi, and to tell me I am pretty and that every little thing is going to
be alright. I will probably even believe him at that point. Right now, though,
I just need to sleep. Hi, I’m in Utah!

2 Replies to “almost home”

  1. Hi Anne,
    I’m there, too! Or at least it feels like it! It’s freakin’ cold here, like 2 degrees fahrenheit
    or -80 below windchill out here on the tundra, so we might as well be in the same place!Glad you got in ok, sorry you’re still “displaced” by dippy Landlord. Everything will be alright soon!

  2. Crazy landlord! Fun!
    I hope you do move today, so you can get settled in your new place, and not be squatting in an attic.
    But, oh, you’re there, you’re in Utah, it’s real, and it’s wonderful (and, apparently, cold)! Hooray!

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