fly away

My ride will be here shortly, and then I am off to the
airport, in order to fly to Chicago and then drive to Wisconsin where
it is even colder than it is in Utah,
all for the love of Weetabix. And maybe also because I am a little dumb? That’s
a possibility. Really, it always is, for me.

There will be a sleigh ride (during which I will appear to
be a mummy or similar), and all the food in the world and many drinks, and then
karaoke, and then dancing, and then more food, I imagine, and then enjoying the
vistas of Wisconsin, and then food, and then a bar, and then more food, or more
drinks, or something like that, and then, coming home. The part I’m not going
to enjoy is the part where I have to come home. The part I’m already looking
forward to is the part where I come home.

This is kind of a bad time for a tripâ??I mean, I have a house
full of boxes, my shower curtain is being held up with pieces of yarn, the cat
is still kind of freaking out, I’ve got a shit ton of freelance stuff to bang
my head against, and yetâ??this is a wonderful time to take a trip. Things are
not going anywhere, and oh, god, do I need a break for awhile. I need to stop
worrying about things and the future and doing everything right and not fucking
up and instead plunge myself intoâ??well, social anxiety, where I will worry
about doing everything right and not saying stupid things or fucking up, but
it’s a refreshing change, you know? A breath of air, a revitalizing switch of
venue, and whole new and exciting way to drive myself absolutely batshit crazy.

It took about ten minutes to pack, and in my suitcase went
every single warm item of clothing I own (as it turns out, I don’t own many
warm items of clothing. Ah, San Francisco).
I managed to dig up a hat, and even some mittens. I will have to find a scarf
somewhere. I am already wearing my long underwear, because Utah is similarly cold and to be in that cold, I need fortification. I need
fortification in my own house, for god’s sake. I have got two coats, which I may
wear simultaneously. If I can cover myself in hot broth and then bake myself
into a pastry, I might even survive. We are leaving soon, and I am so looking
forward to it. And to not thinking about my to-do list for maybe ten minutes or

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  1. I am in a very similar situation. Not changing states mind you, moving apartments, uprooting my cat, changing jobs, then immediately going home to america for a month, leaving my poor cat in the care of my friend in a new apartment.

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