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The meme has been floating around the Internet for years, now–you compile a list of all the things you want to do over the course of your life, before you die, in 30 days or 300 days or 30 weeks or three years. There are catchy names for it, and there are varying lengths of time and difficulty of tasks, and I might have participated, a time or two. Some people actually accomplish the things on their lists–for instance, mo pie is way the way through her “read all the books on various best-of lists” goal, which is impressive and sexy.  

Me, I wrote up huge impossible lists which included items such as Learn To Fly a Helicopter, Rescue a Baby from a Well, Win a Pulitzer, and Fly Around the World in a Hot Air Balloon. Lists that were, unsurprisingly, abandoned shortly after. I wish I could find them, because I would love to reread them and laugh hollowly, ha ha ha, it was nice to have dreams.

I keep coming back to the idea, though: on this very site, it is so
well-documented how I like me a list of things to do. They keep me
sane during each work day. Wouldn’t a slightly larger list, with
slightly larger goals, work to keep me sane over a slightly larger
length of time? That is my theory. Also, the third or fourth time I
thought, “I want to remember to do that soon,” I also thought, “Hey,
maybe I should write this shit down, or something. Wouldn’t that be
helpful?” It will be so helpful. So I have a list of things I want to
do, this summer.

  • A skirt

I’ve got two books of skirt patterns, which I received for my birthday
and then the holidays. And I’ve got a really big tub full of yards and
yards (and yards and yards) of fabric that I picked up one afternoon in
a frenzy of Ooh, Shiny! about three or four years ago.  At least a
dozen different patterns. Probably more than that. I had planned to
make pillows, or something? I am not exactly sure what the hell I was
thinking then. But now, I need clothes. Skirts are easy to make. Summer
is coming up, and Utah is a hot place. It seems a match totally made in
right up there in heaven, doesn’t it? I will say just one skirt, as a
to-do. But I bet it’ll be like potato chips.

  • Crochet project

See above, except replace skirt patterns with crochet patterns, and
yards of fabric with skeins of wool. These crafty phases, they make me
a little crazy. I would like to make myself a little shrug, against air
conditioning. I’ve got an awesome group of crocheting knitters to help me out, and then, I
will pin a brooch on it.

  • Curtains and pictures

Because I am tired of looking at the pile of curtains in the corner and
the stack of frames leaning against the wall, and also would like to
maybe feel like I live here, a little bit. Crazy!

  • A bike

There are so many bike riders, going up and down my street and riding
through the park. I am jealous of them, even though they are not
wearing shirts and really should be. They are carrying groceries, some
of them, and others of them are just enjoying going at more than a
walking pace, and that sounds so nice. It’s also just a tiny bit
cheaper than a car, I think. And more cardiovascular, too.

  • A book

I have got three book projects written down. I am going to pick one,
and then I am going to finish it. I know which one I’m going to pick,
but it is nice to pretend that I have got choices, you know? It makes
me feel a little flexible, a little crazy loop-de-loo, free-like-bird
and totally awesome. It also makes me a little nuts, apparently. Woo!

  • Short stories

I’ve got a file full of ideas–I keep coming up with them! Inside my
head! Yet I neglect to do anything but jot down the salient points. I
am going to pick one and write it, this summer. I am hoping, like the
skirt, just one will Break the Seal and I’ll be flooding word
processing documents and then the market with my words. Hopefully my
metaphors will be slightly less gross.

  • Be so totally happy

I am so totally happy. It’s a little crazy, how happy I am.  I would like for that to keep going, please.

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