celebrating love and marriage like whoa

Tonight we head out to San Francisco on a whirlwind trip for my friend Harry’s big, beautiful wedding. We get in very late this evening, hike to the discount hotel which will hopefully not come with a free hobo in every room. Then we arise early. By which I mean sleep in really late and lounge around in bed and then take a long shower and maybe go get Swedish pancakes at the awesome place around the corner. And then, we put on our wedding finery and scamper out to the Presidio. I have already decided to take a cab, because I am not screwing around with the buses in three inch heels. I think that is a wise decision.

Then, for all of Saturday, we Celebrate Love. And eating, and drinking and dancing, which we also Love.  I am looking forward to this like–well, like whoa, which is my standard designation for things that simultaneously make me happy, blow me away with their awesomeness, and are totally freaking cool. “Like whoa” encapsulates all those feelings in one short phrase which makes me happy! Which is efficiency! Which also makes me happy. Almost as happy as Celebrating Love.

She and her soon-to-be husband are–well, they’re incredible people,
and some of the best I know. Probably the kindest people I know, for
sure, and flat-out loving, which you don’t get much of, in These Ironic
Times. They are sweet, and hilarious, and smart, and H. is going to be
a famous writer one day, as well as a famous triathelete. They are
ridiculously in love. They are so happy together. They’re going to keep
being happy, and this is going to be a gorgeous wedding. Especially if
the shoes H. bought to go with her gown are any indication.

has been going a little nuts, lately, and I imagine she is going a
little nutsier, tonight, but I hope she knows how stunning it’s going
to be, how perfect, how excited everyone is to see them get married, to
put our arms around them and tell them how happy we are for them, and
how much we love them, and holy crap, they are so gorgeous and they’re
glowing, it’s crazy! And man, these are really tasty appetizers and now
let’s all do the twist, please, hooray! We are Celebrating Love! I
expect that we will all be poured into cabs at ridiculous o’clock on
Saturday evening, and we will wake up hurting, but so happy. And that’s
the way you celebrate a wedding. Like whoa.

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  1. I’m a wedding photographer and get to experience this very often in the months of April to October. Even with complete strangers, I still feel the love and get choked up. Not to mention I usually have a nice dinner and wedding cake!

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