an ordinary, happy day

An ordinary day, rainy and cold and wet. A little busy. Errands to run. Every time I grumble about the weather–how it is dark and cold and windy and rainy–I have to remind myself that soon I will be curdled and limp and puddle-ish in the face of an unforgiving sun, and I will long for these halcyon days of breezes that go right up my butt and give me goosebumps. It does not matter that I should not be wearing a heavy cowl-necked sweater and long slacks in the early days of June, in a desert environment–I will appreciate this time, and tell respectful, nostalgic tales of these glory days when the summer comes roaring in on a breath of flame and stinky.

I like the chilly! I do not like to ride my bike in it, though. That’s not true–riding in the chill is fine, and it feels good. Riding in the rain is a less pleasant experience than I had hoped it would be. It was slightly warmer, last week, and raining. When I started off from my house, I thought fond and poetic things about warm summer rain, which turned to hate and despair when I picked up speed and that warm summer rain started to whip against my face and the wind picked up.

I puttered awhile, putting off heading out. I cleaned, changed the
litter box, answered emails and finished a proofreading job. Got restless.
A baseball cap will protect your face and head from the worst of the
icy-chill rain that threatens to freeze your very heart. Buttoning a
coat up to your chin will cut the wind, and having wet pants is not
thrilling, but it turns out it is not the worst thing in the whole wide
world. You learn lessons every day, and it is important to have
demonstrated for you, sometimes, how things often work out for the

A stop at the library, and then the post office, then the bike shop. I
had bought a set of rear baskets last week, but never had time to go
get them installed. Finally, they are installed, and they are so
beautiful, one on either side of my rear tire. I am already making
plans for what I will fill them up with. While I waited for the
extremely friendly bike shop owner to set up my bike with his
collection of fancy tools, I went across the street and treated myself
to a rainbow roll, because I’d been craving sushi for weeks, now. It
did not quite hit the spot, because it wasn’t quite good sushi, but an
hour of nibbling something good for me and devouring a trashy book was
more or less bliss. It’s not like I have had nothing but down-time
lately, but actually choosing to take a single hour out of an otherwise
busy day and devote it to something leisurely–that’s pretty much a
perfect feeling.

Then riding back the long way, swinging by the ice cream parlor for a
kid’s cone, and back up the hill and over to the drugstore for
supplies–soap and soda and paper towels, but only ended up with hair
dye. It could have easily gone into my bag, but I carefully tucked into
my rear basket instead. It filled me with a sense of deep satisfaction.
Kicking up water from the pavement as I rode back, thinking about
stopping at the 7-Eleven for soda (what kind of drugstore runs out of Diet
Pepsi?), but heading home to finish things. Put away the dishes, make
the bed, sort the laundry, finish up freelance stuff. An ordinary day,
rainy and cold and wet. A little busy. All my errands done.

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