back to san francisco: not a social whirlwind

Originally, this trip to San Francisco was supposed to be a Social! Whirlwind! K.T., pregnant and gorgeous, is having her baby shower on Sunday, and I thought: I know what I will do! I will extend my trip over the course of four, no, five! days, and I will see everyone I want to see, and not feel rushed, and get to go around and see important things as well as important people and maybe do something emblematic like sip a latte near the bay, I don’t know! But it is going to be spectacular!

Correct order in which to do things: 1) Confirm with everyone you want to see. 2) Book tickets. Guess which order I did it in? Go on. I bet you can figure it out. I figured it out after a flurry of “hooray, I’ll be in town!” messages were answered with “Oh my God, are you kidding? I’m going to be out of town! What were you thinking?” e-mails. And then I hung my head in shame and cried tiny golden tears.

But I will get to see at least some people–people who have day jobs and
lives and other plans, admittedly, but still, I will spend leisurely
time with them, and maybe even a little extra time, since I won’t
be racing off to do this! and that! and the other thing! So that’s
pretty awesome. But I was still so disappointed, and a little
irritated at myself, for just assuming everyone would be available,
which is kind of rude of me but I wanted to stomp my feet and shout no
fair, anyway.

Then I started to think about all the time I’m going to have, on my
own, to do my own thing. I can wander around the city, and shop, and
eat, and drink lattes and champagne and shop some more. I can walk the
entire length of Golden Gate Park, eat myself sick on a million oysters
and sharp white wine, take a ferry across the water, march across the
bridge, take bad pictures of every little thing that catches my fancy.
I will take my laptop, and I will revisit all the places I ever used to
sit and write, including the library where I wrote the words The End on
the very last page of my novel, and I will sit down and write again. I
will see if anything comes up. Maybe I will be magically inspired.
Maybe it will just be nice to revisit. Maybe I’ll go get a tattoo

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  1. I think it’s a fabulous opportunity to relax and enjoy and explore one of your favorite cities and your former home…..and I bet those things (relaxing and enjoying and exploring) didn’t happen nearly enough when you actually lived there and were too busy working and whatnot to play being a tourist. Enjoy! And eat some oysters and sip some wine for me too.

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