naked: dream jobs

If you asked me what my dream job was, I would probably tell you astronaut, or marshmallow fluff maker, or person who names nail polish colors, or ice cream flavor developer and primary taster number one. I dream big, but apparently, I do not dream big enough. Who knew that I could also, someday (if I moved to the United Kingdom), be a sex toy tester?

LoveHoney, a UK sex toy company, is throwing a sex toy party, and
everyone who likes to come is invited. They’re going to hand out awards
to the best sex toys around, and they’re recruiting regular people to
explain why they should be chosen to be one of the contest judges. The
people who are chosen get 300 British pounds worth of sex toys (that is
one billion dollars in American money). Why, oh why, was I born in the

In the meantime, those of us outside that great and
forward-thinking United Kingdom can dream. Tell me why you would be a
totally awesome sex toy tester. And while we’re at it–what sex toy
wins your personal prize?

4 Replies to “naked: dream jobs”

  1. Y’know, you can win a $1200 gift basket of sex toys if you sign up the for mailing list at the Babeland stores. Or maybe you can even do it online, I don’t know. I did it the other day. I want those toys! Mine! Nom nom nom!

  2. My hand totally wins the gold.
    I have yet to find a sex toy that works better, but I have my eye on quite a few goodies.
    The Lelo Iris for one…..*drool*

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