naked: what gets you in the mood?

I have never been the kind of person who would listen to music and find the lyrics to be wildly meaningful, to see that they really said something about my life and really spoke to my soul and reached in and grabbed my heart and squeezed it until the blood dripped down onto my feet. I am sad to say that I have never made mix tapes for sweethearts in which each and every song was a secret message straight from my heart to theirs. I understand that that’s supposed to be an important part of every teenager’s dramatic romantic existence, but it always just seemed kind of silly, to me. That a song could speak to you. Until I met a guy who, as part of my wooing, would call me every day and sing to me.

He’s got an incredibly sexy, deep, sonorous voice, so I think I
would have shivered a bit even if he had been singing “The Wheels on
the Bus.” But the song he chose, that very first time he called me up
to sing to me, was “Kiss You All Over.” It’s not the deepest song in
the world, and it is undeniably cheesy in that ’70s-song kind of way,
but right in the middle of my commute, I had to stop walking and lean
against the Jamba Juice until my knees resolidified. That was among the
most immediate, visceral zero-to-60 turn-ons of my entire life, and if only
he had been anywhere nearby, I would have jumped him just exactly like
a wild woman.

Tell me about something that turns you
on–something your partner does or says, something you like to think
about, something you like to do. What gets you in that
kiss-you-all-over kind of mood?

4 Replies to “naked: what gets you in the mood?”

  1. The smell of my husband straight out of the shower. Whether I act on it or not, it never ceases to give me a little flutter in the tummy (and else where)..mmmm…makes me happy just thinking about it.

  2. The skin on a man’s neck, right above his collarbone…it’s always warm and silky and…mmm.. :D

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