moving (on up)

It was as brutal as I had warned the boys it would be: three flights of really steep and narrow stairs, to my new apartment, and a lot of junk being moved from my old apartment, and a hideously hot day, a busy street with no parking, a lot of crankiness because we were all up early–some of us were hungover, others of us had had no caffeine and all of us really hate lifting heavy things in 100 degree weather and then hauling them halfway up to heaven. And yet, we persevered, and I was done in under three hours, moved into my brand-new apartment, which makes me happy every time I open the door and come in and close it quietly behind me.

The packing wasn’t nearly as awful as I had expected–well, it was pretty awful, and I spent eight hours doing it, lacerating my hands on the edges of boxes; taping everything together including books, my hair, and my hands; sweating all over, ending up looking like a Sasquatch, with all the cat hair stuck to my clammy body; giving up, at some point, the way you always do during a move, and starting to throw things in boxes with no rhyme and no reason, and ending up with a jumble of crap that you will never, ever sort out properly, not as long as you live.

Then came the moving, and that was painful, but afterwards we soothed
ourselves with some of the best Vietnamese food I have ever put in my
mouth, and then I went home and opened the door and closed it behind
me, and enjoyed the quietness, the expansiveness of the room, the
coolness of the central air, the general feeling of peace and
tranquility that overtakes me when I walk in, and realized that the
next few weeks are going to be kind of awful.

We did not so much sort things, when we were moving, and I did not so
much label things, while I was packing. So there is a pile of stuff–a
pile of everything I own–sitting in the middle of the floor, in an
undifferentiated heap, and the whole thing is making me shudder. It is
not going to kill me–in fact, it will be terribly satisfying to sort
this all out and maybe do some paring down, maybe figure out how to
organize this all a little better than it had been. I am going to head
to the store, pick up useful organizational systems for my shoes and my
books and my seasonal clothes, a bookcase for the overflow that is
threatening to drown me, maybe a housewarming gift of a pair of antlers
to hang on the wall, or a lava lamp. And eventually, after I get over
this feeling of being overwhelmed and drowning in crap, it will all
come together, as these things often do.

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  1. Man…I can’t believe that you packed that quickly. I’m about to do the same type of move (except my move is from Queens, NY to Pittsburgh, PA). I’m moving out of my 2nd floor apartment up to a third floor apartment in an old victorian house. I so feel your pain, and I’m jealous that your done.

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