naked: letters to your beautiful body

I spend a lot of time talking behind my body’s back. I talk about my floppy knees and my weak little spaghetti arms, and my flappy belly. I talk about my sad non-boobs and I make fun of my Shar-Pei butt and I tell people that I would be perfect, if only I got a whole lot of plastic surgery which is going to be the answer to all my prayers and the solution to all my problems. I spend a lot of time talking about my body, and a lot of time ignoring what my body says to me (more water! Less Diet Pepsi! How about something that’s not filled with sugar today? No? Okay.) and despite how I have disparaged it, put it down, talked smack filled with derision, and mocked this body of mine, it keeps going, strong and tough and even, dare I say, beautiful.

Via the very pretty Already Pretty, I discovered BlogHer’s Letter to My Body project. Women all over the Internet are thinking about the stuff below our chins, reevaluating their relationship with their skin, really considering the way they treat and talk and use their bodies. And maybe it is ever so slightly dorky to address our bodies in epistolary form, but you know–it appeals to me. It makes the relationship between the you in your head and the you in your body concrete, reminds you how important it is, requires you to sit down and really think about how you treat yourself, your health, your well-being. And I am nothing if not a giant dork. And so I say…

Dear body,

You are beautiful. You are healthy and you carry
me up stairs and along on my bike, in bed and out. You can bend and
twist, inspire lust and desire, can do anything I ask you to. Anything
I want to try, you’re up for. You have brought me so much pleasure, and
have brought so much pleasure to others. I have used you, and
forgotten you, and have forgotten how lucky I am. I am sorry I have
been mean to you. I feel I should apologize for being such an asshole
to you all these years, for neglecting you, good body, for feeling
ashamed when I was naked, for covering you up as if there was something
to hide. I will tell you that you’re beautiful more often. I will bring
you flowers and vitamins and take you out dancing. We should be
partners, body. Thank you, body, for putting up with my shit.

What does your letter to your body say? Post it here in the comments, or leave a link back to your blog!

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  1. Dear Body,
    Thanks for all that you have done for me! Thanks for this life, thanks for being healthy and functional, and thanks for not giving up on me even when I don’t listen to you and don’t take good care of you. Thanks for being beautiful and unique, thanks for being the gate between my soul and the world, and for all the pleasure and joy you have given me, and to some very lucky men.
    I am very lucky to have you, and very thankful. I will give you more gummi bear vitamins, moisturizer, and the excercise, vegetables, fruits and water that you crave so much. And I will not bad mouth you, or stuff you with food you don’t want, or make you hurt.
    I love you so much body!!

  2. Hey Anne, thanks for the mention, and for promoting this project! I really think it is a worthwhile endeavor. It inspires us to call up some of the *tenderness* we feel for our own bodies that gets eclipsed by the frustration and resentment we may feel on a daily basis. Writing my letter was a great exercise in itself, but I’m amazed at what a transformative experience it has become. Hope your readers have similarly positive experiences!

  3. I have a few things…
    – I’m sorry, Neck… I’m sorry I landed on my head snowboarding 4 years ago and never got you checked out. I will do this in the very near future. Thanks for going out yesterday, and giving me my annual reminder… and I do appreciate your return to near normalcy in 24 hours.
    – Bones, please absorb all the calcium I’m throwing down my throat, and don’t go all osteoporotic when I’m old. This weight I’m lifting right here? This one’s for you. And those situps I’m doing? All that core stuff? Spine and Lumbar in particular, please realize how much I love that you work properly. I will make an effort to improve my posture starting right now. And Hips, I know you’re the recipient of much bitching and body hatred, but I sincerely appreciate your efforts at keeping my legs attached to my body and storing all those omega 3’s, and please, pretty please, don’t break when I get old. I’m doing my best to walk, fence, run, and stair climb so you stay nice and strong. For all my bitching, my bf seems to love you guys, so there’s that, too.
    – To my body as a whole… I will schedule a physical in the next 2 months, and endure a Pap smear while I’m at it. I will also get a pelvic ultrasound. Also, please make good use of all the vegetation I’m ingesting, all the spices, and rice and beans. I’d like to hold off on the whole cancer/heart disease/high blood pressure/Alzheimer’s that runs in my family for as long as possible.
    Thank you, and much love,

  4. (Shameless plug alert.) I wrote about things I love about my body at my LJ and a ton of the lovely women from the Fatshionista community responded with things they love about their own bodies. It’s a happy entry full of body-positivity. ^_^

  5. This is awesome!
    Dear body,
    You might not be perfect, but you’re perfectly you. No one looks just like you; you stand out in a crowd. You are flawed in some areas (large muscular thighs, still-big arms) and fabulous in others (small waist, chisled shoulders). Be proud–you are tighter and leaner than most women, and you are so much stronger than you were just four years ago. You battle internal demons but your heart is made of gold, and everyone you love knows it and tells you. Now you need to believe it.
    To thine own self be true!
    **Body love is awesome!

  6. Dear Body,
    I want to make peace after 27 years. Sorry about all the drugs and stuff in high school but you didn’t do us any favors with all the acne. I’m being argumentative though. Thanks for the rockin’ rack and skillful hands. We have this wedding coming up in a few weeks and I can’t promise that I won’t starve you and force you to exercise when you don’t want to but if you just hang in there with me, we have been promised a lovely cruise honeymoon for a long while afterward and I will give you all of the shrimp cocktail that you want.
    Now how’s about that make up sex I keep hearing about?

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