naked: sex and the gym

As we have discussed, we go to the gym to feel healthy and robust, to keep our minds in shape and our moods in line, and to feel flat-out good about ourselves and just plain sexy–but have we ever once considered that maybe the gym is also a place to actually have a whole lot of dirty, dirty sex? You mean it’s never once crossed your mind, the idea of throwing down that sweaty young thing grunting under the weights and making wild, passionate, aerobic love while the techno muzak throbs around you? You must be very seriously reading The Economist on the treadmill, and are a less distractible, dirty-minded person than me.

I am so glad to learn, however (via the ever-awesome J.D. Bauchery at the excellently NSFW Hot Movies for Her),
that there are people as wonderfully filthy as me in the world (or who
get as bored as I do on the elliptical trainer), and even gladder that
they have access to camera crews, dedicated actors, and gym equipment
enough to make a movie like “Sexercises.”
You’re not going to want to watch that at work; but once you watch it
at home, you might not ever get bored on the rowing machine ever again.

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  1. Scarily enough, the mens’ showers are pretty much a gay bathhouse, and let me tell ya, it ain’t hot.

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