on our way! to blogher! (hooray!)

As you read this, I am on my way! To BlogHer! It is possible I am already on the plane, or just touching down and on the BART train into the city, or checking into my hotel, or running over to Walgreens because I forgot to pack lotion (again) or having a wardrobe crisis and flicking, panicked, through the sales racks at Anthropologie looking desperately for the kind of dress that says “Fabulous blogger with excellent personality and enjoyable bosoms, with whom you would like to be very best friends,” and also, “Awesome.”

Whatever I am physically doing, it is a good bet that I am spiritually freaking out, because oh my god, BlogHer. Giant conference filled with giants of blogging, a thousand hundred million incredible, smart women who are intimidating in their incredibility, their smartness, and their incredible smartness, and way, way too much to take in all at once without experiencing uncomfortable seizures. BlogHer, home of so much good information and important facts and very good people, you want to weep at the beauty and impossibility of it all, because there is no way you’re going to be able to do everything you want, see everything you want, talk to everyone you want, and avoid spilling a drink down your dress, totally making a fool out of yourself. I’m a little nervous.

I’m a lot nervous. Meeting people! Talking to people! Talking to people
you’ve just met! No, wait, even worse: having to go up and introduce
yourself to people
, with your need to not be rejected, else you expire
immediately and on the spot etched nakedly, painfully,
embarrassingly-for-everyone all over your face. Especially when it’s
someone you’ve been reading forever, someone with whom you would like
to make a deep, spiritual, blogging kind of connection and maybe also
make out a little bit with.

It is Wednesday as I write this; I am not prepared. I have not packed,
or even begun to think of packing. My house is a mess, my cat needs a
new bag of food, and I don’t know what I’m going to wear. And I have
not meditated my way into inner peace or developed a new personality.
But it’s going to be okay. Especially if you are there. Are you going
to be there? I think you should be there. Besides checking out the excellent panels, you can win a gorgeous dress, you can meet up with Weet and I for lunch, with extra bacon (send us an email to let us know if you’re in!) or you can come find us somewhere on the floor and we’ll squee and tell each other how pretty we are. You’ll recognize me easily–I’m the redhead with a look of sheer, unadulturated terror, and a cocktail in her hand at 8:04 in the morning.

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