the after of blogher

It’s 1:00 in the morning on Sunday night, and I am finally home, sitting with a glass of wine, watching the cat sniff things in the yard, and enjoying the feeling of not wearing three-inch heels or pants, any longer. Since Thursday, I have been wearing three inch heels and pants. Right now, if you were to ask me, I would tell you, not wearing any of those things, being in a nightshirt, sipping too-cold wine, not talking to anyone at all, not laughing or listening or being mutually charming, is the best thing ever in the history of the world.

But if you had asked me any time these past four days, “What is good in life?” I would have told you right here, where I am, at BlogHer. I have to tell you this: a room, a ballroom, a giant hotel ballroom that’s taller and wider and longer than most entire high schools and government building, full of smart, savvy, articulate, brave women–it is a breathtaking sight. It scared me stupid, walking in with my plate full of breakfast and looking for a place to set my things down. And it awed me, when the keynote speech began and we all turned toward the stage and they said “Welcome to BlogHer!” and I realized who we all were, and what a powerful force we’ve become, and that I still hate the word “blog.”

I’ve only just walked in the door and set my things down and I have
only just started to unwind, to come back to being just me, not
me-as-attendee, me-as-blogher, me-as-force-for-good. But that’s never
going to go entirely away, I think, and that is the power of these
conferences and these comings together, this being a blogher and a
bloghim and a blogus, and a blogwhee! And wow, do I still hate the word

I’m still processing, and drinking my wine, and hating
the word “blog,” but tomorrow, a full report, a few pictures, some
gushing and some deep and meaningful introspection to tie it all
together, because that’s what we bloggers do with the blogging.

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  1. Oh I know what you mean about the word “blog”. I still call my corner of the web a journal.
    But, as you know, last year at BlogHer everyone thought my url was on a site called Dairyland instead of Diaryland and wondered if I wrote about cheese ‘n stuff. Bah. I remember when there was some respect for the Diaryland…

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