fall now, please

Today I found myself doodling in my notebook, while I was waiting for my latte. What I doodled was this:

ewok costume!!!

fun fur –dress
ears–skin a teddy bear?
headcloth…thing. for the head
a pouch
fur boots, yay!
fur arm warmers to warm arms. fur.
little black nose
many black eyeliners
whiskers? (note: do ewoks have whiskers?)

Then I doodled a picture of this magnificent Halloween costume idea that I had, and I will not share that with you because it is everything that is hilarious, but in a way that is personally embarrassing. Not that I have ever shied away from being personally embarrassing in the name of comedy, but really. Sometimes you have to draw the line! And not just in a notebook that you will never show anyone!

The whole point, however, is this: I want fall to come. I want cool
breezes and crispness that does not come from an air-conditioner or
in-season lettuce. I want bright, warm woolen tights and adorable
knee-high boots and classy tweed coats and leather gloves. Or to be a little boarding school princess, apparently. I also want
leaves in colors besides green, and I want my grass to be brown and I
want the smell of burning wood and to be able to enjoy hot cocoa again.
I want Halloween! I want my birthday! I want that sense that the world
is tilting, tilting and spinning and moving–this summer has felt
endless, endlessly bright days strung out one after the other. I want
longer shadows and shorter days, apples and fun-sized candy bars.

I am acclimating to this crazy summer thing that Utah stages, with the
glaring sun and the drippy armpits and the general hazy
uncomfortableness. Today I said, “It is a beautiful day out!” and then
I realized that it was 92 degrees, this beautiful day. That is not
beautiful! That is hot. That is a lot of heat. That is 92 degrees worth
of a whole lot of sweat, and yet, there I was, sitting outside and
sipping merrily at a latte, chirping about how pleasant and comfortable
it was, as if my brain had melted like so much chocolate on a dashboard
and dripped down out my nose.

It has not been terrible, this summer, though I expected it to be. It
has been pleasant–often beautiful. It has been a pleasure, hot nights
and flip flops and the way my skin smells after heating up in the sun,
the coconut of lotion with SPF, how an icy cold drink can become the
very best thing in the world. I am sure that all the Vitamin D is
what’s been keeping me alive and out of the terrible, hoary clutches of
Seasonal Affective Disorder, as it does, but I feel like I’ve stored up
plenty, by now. I am a Vitamin D battery, ready to discharge. Come on,
Fall. But not too fast, because I’ve still got an ewok costume to

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  1. I hear ya, Anne! I’m ready to be done with the 100+ temperatures and the sweating, and start wearing fuzzy sweaters and eating soup! I’ve been contemplating my Halloween costume, too – something vampiric in honour of the Twilight series. I’m glad I’m not the only one already thinking about Fall!

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