naked: burlesque makes you love your booty

image via New York Burlesque Festival

We have been fans of burlesque here at Elastic Waist for a long time: its sexy exuberance,
its embrace and celebration of the female body of every size and shape.
Burlesque is about saying to an audience, “I know I am hot, I know I am sexy, I
love my body and what it does, how it moves, how it looks and feels, and you
love it too.”

Every bump and every grind is a sex salutation–an ode to the
silliness of it, the wonderfulness, the fun and joy of good sex and beautiful bodies.
I am not sure what the feather boas symbolize, but I love them too. How can you
not love a feather boa or a sexy corset? Not to mention your own hips as they swivel as if they were on
casters, your elegant arms, your adorable shimmying butt.

That’s right, I said “your own,” and why? Because you
can take burlesque lessons. If you’re lucky enough to live in the Bay Area, you
can take a six-month class with a room full of gorgeous women at Bombshell Betty’s, or even just drop in occasionally. Dress
up, perform, shimmy and shake, and I will envy you completely. If you don’t
live in the area, or are very shy (though you won’t be for long)–now there are online classes! When you sign up, you get a new video lesson every week, plus articles
and bonus videos. I can’t think of a cooler way to shake off your
self-consciousness and your fears about your body and embrace your inherent,
unrelenting hotness than burlesque dancing. Let go in the privacy of your own home, and see what it does for you when you step out the door.

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