naked: in praise of the quickie

I said, “Are you serious?” and I was laughing and he kept kissing my neck as he propelled me back against the sink, and kicked the bathroom door closed behind us. I don’t know that either of us had the presence of mind to actually lock it, but I wasn’t worried about that at all–I wasn’t worried about anything, because the sudden, spontaneous, wonderfully risqué quickie in the bathroom of a wine bar was one of the hottest moments of my life. I felt a little crazy, a little dirty, and unbelievably desired and desirable and sexy. The urgency, the need it now, need you now is heady, and wonderful.

It is magical, because it is purely the moment, or few moments, of absolute physicality. That is your body, there, providing that kind of pleasure and passion, inspiring that kind of lust and need. Your body is perfect in that moment, and perfectly beautiful, being used exactly the way it ought to be used–a merging between your mind and your hormones and your skin.

You become you, without that awful divide that so often
happens–you versus your flawed and imperfect body, where your body
becomes an Other, something to fight against, something to fret about,
something to improve or fix. There’s no time for that–and it doesn’t
even exist, any more.

It’s the kind of state that, ideally, we
should all exist in–a wholeness and a completeness. Though it would be
difficult to spend your entire life having sex. Not that I’m not
willing to give it a try. But there should be a way to recapture that,
in our every day lives. Surrendering to, throwing ourselves into a
quickie is a way to remember that.

So I am a fan of the quickie.
Are you? Have you ever? Tell me, what’s the best you’ve ever had, and
where? How can we capture that feeling all the time? Now, go ambush
your sweetheart and remember that feeling.

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  1. My best was with my late husband just after I picked him up at the airport after he’d been away on a trip for two weeks. WHAM BAM thank you ma’am-right there in the short term parking lot of a major airport. It actually started in the baggage claim area and I swear we almost didn’t make it to the car! Didn’t care who walked by or who might have seen. Good thing the seats reclined! :)

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