naked: stripping down

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I used to say that if I had a perfect body, I’d love to be a stripper. There are many, many good reasons why no one ought to be a stripper, no matter how good a body they have, but leaving aside all those issues, my perception of stripping, the way I thought about it, was in terms of power.  Having a beautiful body that was wanted, lusted after, desired madly, having control of other people’s desire just because you were beautiful–it sounded like everything I wanted, and everything I thought I didn’t have and could never have.

I still don’t have the perfect body, and I am still not entirely
convinced that the sight of my bare limbs and undulating pelvis will
drive the world wild with yearning, aching, tingling in the
pants…except, why not? Why shouldn’t I feel sexy enough and hot enough
and, most importantly, I guess, strong and brave enough to strip down
in front of no, not roaring crowds, but my sweetheart? He loves my
body; I am trying to learn how to love my body.

Why not rock my body? Put him in a chair, put on some sexy music,
embrace the sheer, silly, wonderful pleasure of dancing sexy and
watching him watch me move, run his eyes over my body, think about
touching me, kissing me, totally wanting me. That’s an amazing kind of
power, the power that comes from your body and your sense of self, and
it feeds on itself, an amazing kind of loop. If you’re not ready to take
your clothes off, just dance. Use your beautiful body. Shake that
gorgeous ass.

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  1. yes! you should!!!
    one of the many baby steps i’ve taken toward self-acceptance was learning to strip. for several years, i took classes at s-factor. now, let me be clear that i do not like s-factor as an organization, and i am no longer a student there. but even as i come to dislike the organization more and more, i have to say that i got a LOT from going to classes there.

    my group was apparently a somewhat atypical bunch. we ranged from our mid-twenties to late-fifties. all bodies types, yes, i mean all. and what i got from it was this: how beautiful or sexy or whatever you want to call it the women looked when they danced had nothing, and i do mean NOTHING, to do with what size clothing they wore. it had nothing to do with physical perfection and everything to do with confidence and, believe it or not, personality.

    it was an incredibly eye-opening experience for me. and dancing for your man? he will be so thrilled that you’re even trying! remember, he loves how you look and thinks you’re super-sexy even when you’re sleeping and not moving at all. throw a little attitude into it, and he will flip. trust me.

  2. I read this post with my heart racing because I have the exact opposite problem. I’m sure my bf would love if I did what you suggested, but I always feel ridiculous, which doesn’t have to do with my size, but rather that I feel that acting like a stripper, or whatever you want to call it, comes off that I am *in love* with my body, which is different than loving one’s body. It seems vain and pretentious. Can anyone help me out here?

  3. Sarah, the only advice I can offer is to try it. Watch his reactions. You will most likely lose at least some of the self-consciousness and feelings of vanity when you see how much he’s enjoying it, and you’ll get caught up in the moment.
    I think our significant others WANT us to love our bodies! I don’t think they’ll believe we’re self-centered if we do. It would probably be very freeing, for both people! (As you can see, I’m working on self-acceptance, lol!)

  4. I love this idea in theory. In practice, my DH laughed at me for a week after I’d been to a pole-dancing class and tried to re-enact some of the things I’d learned. But this was the same man that howled with laughter when I wore lingerie for the last time in our marriage, so it shouldn’t have been much of a surprise.
    *sigh* Lucky girls, those that can do this without inspring mirth in their partners.

  5. *sigh*
    I’m with gina. I have tried in the past and my darling husband just looks at me as if I had stood up in front of him and placed a live hedgehog on my head or something, smirks, and then tells me later he is rather disgusted by my freakish display of wanton sexuality. That apparently has no place in THIS household.
    It makes me very sad. And the end result is quit the polar opposite of loving my body more, I am afraid.
    *sigh again.* Lucky girls with SO’s that love their bodies.

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