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This was not the greatest of weekends, which is fine. When you have to spend your weekend working, you go into it expecting that it is not going to be the kind of end-cap to your week that you will remember fondly and for all time, that you will toast to at your wedding and tell nostalgic stories about to your grandchildren who will be irritated because you are so lame. I didn’t plan on being the happiest girl in the world, but I planned on getting my stuff done and maybe having a few minutes with E and the dogs on the couch.

Instead, I got a nightmare of a freelance job that had me breaking down into frustrated tears half a dozen times, that should have taken about ten hours total but ended up taking 14 hours to get all the way through the first chapter and only halfway through the second. I raged, I growled, I wrote strongly worded letters to my editor. I tried not to panic because I wasn’t getting anything at all done on any of my other work, and I wanted very badly to crawl under my bed and not come out until someone told me I had won the lottery and here is a magic golden pony that will kick to death anyone who is mean to me.

Late Sunday, I gave up. I gave up, and went to E’s parent’s house for
pizza, wine, and love. There is nothing in the world like pizza, wine, being told you are family, and the love that comes along with
it. Back to E’s house, and I am a small ball of worry on the couch,
trying to work on other projects but not getting much done, grinding my
teeth and tapping my feet. E settled in next to me, grabbed the remote,
and found The Fifth Element in HD. “There,” he said,”I’ve made a

The Fifth Element is the movie that I cannot help but watch every time
I catch it on television. The movie makes me happy no matter how
many times I watch. The movie that is like a pair of slippers and a
chenille robe and a big mug of hot chocolate, that is more marshmallows
than hot chocolate, a hot bath, a pile of cookies, the smell of burning
wood, and sleeping in late. It’s my comfort movie, my go-to when I’m
stressed and don’t want to think and even reading is too hard because
it involves effort and concentration.

E turned it on for me and I tried to work for a little while longer,
but he was warm and the quilt was heavy and my movie, which I hadn’t
seen for a million years, was on. I had forgotten how ridiculous
and wonderful it is, in all its outrageous silliness. My weekend was
bad, but this was the very opposite of that. For a couple of hours I
did not think about deadlines or projects, or being fired from all my
jobs because of extreme failure, and lack of not failing. I needed the comforting. I felt comforted. Today is an entirely new day, entirely.

Do you have a comfort movie? What’s your go-to when everything seems very difficult? What makes you happy?

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  1. Okay, like you did not know the answer to this one – PETER PAN (any and all versions) cause as you well know – I never never grew up.

  2. When I need a pick-me-up, I turn to really fantastically cheesy 80s movies, such as “Who’s That Girl?” or “Girls Just Want To Have Fun.” If my sister’s around, we break out the VHS copy of “Crybaby” – which is our favorite movie of all time and one that we can recite word-for-word. I’m comforted just thinking about it!

  3. My comfort movie for when I’m stressed or tired would have to be any holiday movie. One aimed at children or an incredibly sappy one, preferably. I just love them. Or, if I’m just feeling blue, I break out the musicals. ‘Seven Brides for Seven Brothers’ is my favorite, and then maybe ‘The Umbrellas of Cherbourg.’

    Also, I get really happy when your mom comments. It just makes me grin for some reason, because that’s the sort of thing my mother would do if I had a blog. I could just see her (my mother) reading it at work when she’s supposed to be monitoring other people’s internet usage (she’s a librarian and one of her duties is making sure no one on the public computers is looking at things they shouldn’t) So it seems very sweet to me. Which is always welcome this time of year, I think, especially.

  4. Forest Gump, hands down.
    I’ve lost count how many times I’ve seen it, I own both the dvd and the soundtrack yet if I’m flipping through the channels and happen to catch it, no matter how far into the movie, I have to stop whatever I’m doing and watch. I still laugh and cry at all the same parts and when it’s over I feel that all is right with the world and everything in it.

  5. I know by heart because I have watched them SO much: When Harry Met Sally, Bridget Jones’s Diary, Love Actually and Office Space. Any of the above movies will instantly make me feel better. All for pretty different reasons.

  6. Moulin Rouge, Love Actually, The Philadelphia Story, Strictly Ballroom, You’ve Got Mail and Trainspotting, and The Godfather.

  7. “The Wedding Singer.” The 80’s references just crack me up (being a child of the 80’s) and Drew Barrymore is adorable, and Adam Sandler always makes me laugh. Plus a goofy happy ending. What more could you want?

  8. “The Wedding Singer.” Drew Barrymore is adorable, Adam Sandler is hilarious, and the 80’s references crack me up, being a child of the 80s.

  9. Honestly, my comfort thing? Is the two-part first episode of Batman Beyond. I have so much love for the DC universe cartoons from the 90s. (I’m a huge comics geek.)

  10. Jaws.

    So well-written and acted, and so very, very 70’s. People smoke cigarettes in the E.R. fer chrissake!

    And Quint is amazing and sad and the scar scene/USS Indianapolis story might be the best thing ever put on film, maybe.

    I know it is supposed to be horrifying and scary, but what it does for me is affirm all that can be good about movies.

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