every night and day

On Friday, people in my department kept coming up to me and sucking their teeth and saying Oooh. Oooh, it’s going to be rough on Monday. Why? I’m not going to be here. And he’s not going to be here, and neither is she, and she isn’t either. That means you’re going to be here alone, doesn’t it? Oooh, you’re booked all day, aren’t you? You’re booked from the second you walk in, aren’t you? Oooh, that’s rough. Are you going to have a good weekend? Try to have a good weekend! I’m sorry I’m not coming in on Monday. No, sincerely. I will think of you while I am lounging with my tropical drink, soaking up the last of the early-season sun and not proofreading 124-slide PowerPoint presentations and sell sheets and white papers and messaging frameworks! Have a good one!

I’m brave, I told them. I am totally brave. It’ll be fine! It’s going to be fine. It’s hard work and it takes a lot of concentration and focus and is tedious and nerve-wracking, especially when you don’t have backup. But it’s fine! I’ll get in early on Monday, probably leave late, but I will get it done and you will be so impressed that you will provide me with candy and kisses and possibly a Lamborghini of some kind.

Then all the freelance work came in–the project was delayed for so
long, sorry! But it’s all done now. The deadline hasn’t changed, so
you’ve only got three days, that’s cool, right? Okay bye! So the
weekend I’ve spent on my laptop, tanning by the glow of the VGA display
and trying not to panic. Steadily plowing through the work I have to
do, knocking these files out slowly, one by one, right after the other,
short break for pug-snuggling and then back to work. But I’m still not
done. Up late last night, in early today, so much left to do and no
time left in which to do it.

I will fold time like origami, stop it like a watch, beat it with
sticks and make it beg me for mercy and offer to do anything I want.
I’m going to finish what I have to do, and do it all in a damn fine
way. I’m going to put my life on hold for awhile, because I have got
to, even though I do not want to, the idea of it makes me a little
crazy. But I am going to keep my head down and dig my way out and come
up proud of myself, needing a vacation, never wanting to think about
serial commas again and hoping that someone burns down all the
dictionaries and declares martial law on proofreading. In the meantime,
I will be tough like diamonds.

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  1. Awesome! I get swamped like this sometimes. I work at home and have two kids so it can be eye-twitchingly stressful with my toddler clamouring for attention and my 9-year old for help with homework. Oh and I have to cook dinner and do laundry and dishes and their Dad’s gonna be late coming home again so I have to do clean-up and bathtime by myself. And one client needs a 24-hour turnaround and every other client I’ve ever had is coming out of the woodwork with projects – “Can you do this ASAP?” And I’m trying to keep my cool, make a cup of tea, breathe deeply and not get snappy with everyone though all I want to do is scream “Shut up and leave me alone!”

    So yeh, I feel ya girl! Doesn’t it feel so great though to have everything rolling along, under control, and then when you finally get to that more-relaxed point and you can look back and feel so badass and everyone is praising you for your fine work under pressure? I dig it.

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