halloween cures all ills

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Are you stressed? Are you sad? Are you sad and stressed and tired? It has become absolute scientific fact (because I read it on the Internets) that Halloween is good for you and will fix all problems, everywhere, for everyone. Research says that no matter how bad the economy is, that Halloween candy spending and costume-buying remains on the rise, with Americans spending over five billion dollars on the holiday. That is the kind of stimulated economy behind which I can get.

And with everyone all stimulated and stimulating the economy, cheerfulness goes up, wigs get broken out, and everyone gets even cheerier–Halloween as debauched, wild crazy time for adults has come back in vogue:

Bob Thompson, a professor of popular culture at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, says that free-for-all celebrations like Halloween function as release and catharsis for a society under stress.

“Lately, Halloween has been being reclaimed as a holiday celebrated by adults,” says Thompson. “This year, October 31 falls at really a perfect time to just let loose in one of these ‘flip everything over’ settings–the election, the economic crisis, the war in Iraq–holidays have become loci of negotiation for these kinds of things.”

And you can become a locus for happiness in your excellent sexy Che Guevara costume. Break out the body glitter, wiggle into your clown shoes, and have a brilliant, stress-busting night, tonight. It’s Friday, and it’s Halloween.

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  1. I love Halloween!

    (BUT, why does Mariah ALWAYS have to wear ridiculous, trying-way-too-hard-to-be-sexy outfits? She’s becoming a parody of herself. Which is sad, ’cause girl’s got hella talent!)

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