naked: pleasure mapping

This is the game: blindfold your lover. Then, take your time and move from the top of the head down to the bottom of their feet, and do just about anything you can think of to every part that strikes your fancy. Your partner’s job is to let you know exactly how good it feels, on a scale from zero to three. It is called “pleasure mapping;” it involves a ratings system, it comes from a book called Erotic Passions and all of it is odd and hilarious. But it also involves a blindfold (whee!) and a couple of hours of someone dedicatedly exploring your naked body, and that’s an idea I can so completely get behind.

You’re lying there naked and incredibly vulnerable, blind and giving
yourself up entirely to touch, and you cannot worry at all about what
you look like or how you’re presenting yourself or what your partner is
thinking about your naked self. You’re giving it all up to sensation;
you’ve got a very important job to do, your partner has a very
important job to which, I think, they will want to dedicate themselves
to entirely so as to perform respectably and post all threes on the
scoreboard, and there is no time to think about your thighs or your
expression when they hit exactly the right spot.

There is no
time for thinking about what your breasts look like in any position
when you’ve got your lover lying back and you’re concentrating on
making them feel good, on eliciting as many gasps and as high a final
score as you can possibly get. Sex is, finally, about bodies, and we’ve
got so much shit wrapped up in our perception of our bodies and how
they appear to us and to other people, and we forget that sex is about
sensation and pleasure and that, finally, is what we’re built for,
whatever size and shape we are. Make your body a science
experiment–considering not what it looks like or even what it feels
like, but how you can feel, and exactly how good that can be.

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