naked: tell us why you’re happy in your body

Here’s what we’re trying to do here: we want you to feel happy in yourself. We want you to feel like your skin is the right skin and your body is the right body and the best body and the most amazing body, because it is the one you’ve got, and the one you do so many amazing things with. You are beautiful, desirable, luscious, strong, vibrant, astonishing and your ass does not quit, and it is all you, every inch of it.

Think of everything that is wonderful about your body–maybe you’ve already written a letter. Dig it out and look at it again. Now think of a very specific moment in which you realized that you are amazing, a moment when things clicked and you realized that your body was a wonderful thing instead of something to battle, something that made you think, Well, holy crap. All these years, I’ve spent hating my body, and now look at me. That moment you fell in self-love.

SELF magazine is writing a story about these a-ha kinds of moments, and
they want you to tell them about it–they want your epiphanies, and
they want to tell the world about them. Your epiphany can spark another
woman’s epiphany, and maybe we can create some kind of absolutely
remarkable domino effect that shakes the whole damn world. Wouldn’t
that  be something?

Email your story and a picture and drop the phrase “Body Image Epiphany” into the
subject heading. But don’t forget to tell us in the comments, too,
because we are impatient to know.

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