nano whoa nelly

With the office job on top of the non-office jobs and the
commute and the attempting to maintain my relationships with the various people
in my life, writing has fallen off the radar. That’s a really bad thing,
especially considering the fact that I have a lot of writing goals, and I
originally left my original office job and moved to a small town in order to be
able to afford to write and what I’ve done is–stop writing. I’ve lost sight of
things, and that is always so disorienting.

Grasping wildly at straws, trying to figure out a way to get
it back, while I am still sitting my butt in a cube for five days a week,
getting an email from Chris Baty, founder of NaNoWriMo, all, “You deserve
to take time for yourself! You deserve to be creative and brave and set aside a
big chunk of your life for a crazy project only designed to make you
happy!” And losing my mind.

I signed up for NaNoWriMo! National Novel Writing Month. It’s a misnomer–it’s
more like “national write 50,000 words in one month” month, but that is a
little unwieldy to fit into a handy-dandy acronym, so a novel it is. A fairly
short novel, actually. But a lot of words for someone who hasn’t written that
many words since thesis crunch time in grad school. A whole lot of words for
someone who doesn’t have a lot of time.

You’re supposed to write about 1,600 words a day;
and as of today, you’re supposed to have about 10,000 words or so. I
think I have about a hundred and fifty. That would be words. Not pages or
paragraphs or anything useful. Words.

It’s a hundred and fifty more words than I had last week, so
that’s something. It’s several thousand fewer than I wanted, and that’s
something else. But I want to do this. Despite all the traveling I’m doing this
month, the way my freelance projects should be wrapping up but keep lingering
on and on, despite the fact that I do not want them to, please and thank you.
I can catch up! I’m going to catch up.

This time next week, I’ll be swearing I can catch up with 20,000 words, and the week after, 30,000. At some point, I’m sure I’ll either actually
catch up or finally give up. At this point, it’s nice to think that catching up
is still possible, maybe probable. It’s just a matter of time, and I’ve got
plenty of that ahead of me, don’t I?

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  1. can you put on headphones (to block noise) and write on your commute? I used to do all my dictation in the car (while driving) – but I don’t suggest that on a train or bus . . .

  2. Dear Lisa,

    I love your writing style- it makes the corners of my mouth curl up and my eyes crinkle. May you open your the door to your heart and mind in the wee small hours and binge on words as if they were Starbucks Java chocolate chip ice cream with home-made chocolate sauce. Mmmm, how luscious!

    Let’s see, where did I find you- oh, you accepted a recent friend request on myspace. Indeed, I am honored to be among your most favored 795 friends- how ever does a girl keep track! My user name isn’t howidolovefat for nothin’- indeed, plump women are the quintessence of feminine pulchritude- as Marilyn so rightly points out in that cute little skit of yours.

    Did you find that lovely Columbian statue on my myspace page or did you run into it elsewhere? (I have no idea where I first saw it- but I’m sure I must have pirated it)!

    I have such mixed feelings about the whole weight loss thing- being acutely aware of the discrimination and scorn that fat women often endure in our often mean-spirited culture. It just makes me cringe.

    Yet holding the image of a fat fertility goddess in my minds eye can arouse my body to such orgasmic tingling that I can hardly pay attention!

    Not that it’s any better to desire a woman because of her erotic fatness than it is to shun her for it- indeed, does she not have a heart, mind an soul?

    Still- what’s so bad about being attracted to a woman in multidimensional fashion- body, mind, and soul? (By the way, did you know the Russian word “du-SHAY” (roughly) translates as both heart and soul? I discovered that from Boris Pasternak’s poetry). I for one often find myself seduced by teh entire package!

    So I ache inside knowing what fat women go through in life. I ache when fat women feel impelled to get skinny. And I ache knowing that what arouses me erotically arouses disdain and scorn in so many. I feel guilty that what stimulates erotic heat throughout my body may lead to some health risks- not that all obese women experience such things nor is it true that some skinny people do not. Still- at bottom- it’s just not fair!

    But if you must reduce your girth- may you not lose all your luscious voluptuous curves!

    I’m intrigued that you are an adjunct professor of religion. I would say religion is one of my hobbies- if not my ultimate concern. I have a blog or two on my myspace page ( on that speak to such matters as living an examined life, the relationship between spirit consciousness and social justice, contrasting faith and belief, fat acceptance or discrimination as a social justice issue, and so on. If you ever have time step away from your own diet of words smothered in chocolate sauce long enough to read mine, you are most cordially invited!

    I love your “Marilyn” skit with the two girls- only they are alive in the right time. Fat is where it’s at nowadays- at least it seems to becoming so more and more. I think that’s absolutely lovely.

    Well, perhaps that’s all for now. I do thank you for accepting my friend request on myspace- I commend you for joining the ranks of such greats as Gore Vidal (and I think Howard Zinn)- and of course many others. Gosh! If you can make Playboy, surely you can make Bodacious magazine! Hmm… a fat model who can write, what a concept! Anyway- kudos to you, I hope we’ll be in touch- may you find the inspiration to complete what you are truly led to complete- and may you sustain a livelihood in which you are the mistress of your own time!

    Cheers, my new friend,
    Eric Smith (howidolovefat)

    how the heck do they expect me to read those cryptic marks?

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