the great clothing swap

So many of you commented and wrote regarding the post about giving away clothing to people who need it. So what we’ve got now is a line to a few great clothing donation sites, for those of you who have been looking just like me, and also a whole host of you out there in a whole range of sizes who want to participate in a clothing swap. It warms the cockles of my cold, cold heart, and I am excited, you guys.

So the easiest way to do this, I think, is that we talk directly. A few of you have made requests in the previous post, but we ought to consolidate that conversation right here. Please post in the comments below:

  • What you’ve got, in which sizes
  • What sizes you need along with any specific wishlist items (i.e., I AM GOING TO A WEDDING–HELP!; my butt is naked, please send pants)
  • Contact info–the best email address you can be reached at. You guys can get in touch with each other, figure out what you’ve got and what you need and what you can mail, and in a week, there will be a flurry of beautiful clothing criss-crossing the country and soon everyone will be gorgeously clothed and ridiculously cute.

Please do me a favor and if you possibly can, don’t just snag clothes–go through your closet and see if you’ve got anything to give away. Make room for your cute new sweater, and save someone else’s job interview at the same time.

If you’ve asked me specifically for any of the stuff I have that I
mentioned, I have made a note and promise to get back to you this week,
if I haven’t already. Drop me a line and nudge me if you haven’t heard
from me by Wednesday. And shortly, I’ll have a list of stuff that isn’t
already spoken for in the comments, too. If any of you are shy about
posting your sizes or your email address in the comments, contact me
directly and I’ll see what we can figure out.

And if you’d rather donate your stuff, here are some of the excellent organizations you can help:

  • If you’ve got fancy dresses: The Glass Slipper Project is for disadvantaged high school girls who can’t afford to buy a prom dress, and they very much need all sizes.

11 Replies to “the great clothing swap”

  1. I HAVE:
    1 pair of skinny jeans with metal snaps at the bottom, dark denim, totally badass, US 6ish (I think, I bought them in Argentina where they are a 42 so if anyone can convert that)

    1 pair bootcut jeans, black denim, not superdark, very cute, same deal with the size as above

    1 pair light blue denim jeans, US 5, embroidered on back pockets with butterflies, sort of hippie-ish, flare bottom

    I WANT:

    Jeans jeans jeans! US 2 or 26-27. Id love some skinny jeans, but I’m not picky – I just want them to fit. Let me know if you have!


  2. Oh, and while I’m being selfish, I also need a somewhat stylish jacket that will keep me warm in not supercold temps but like, 30s-40s. All I have are hoodies and I just want to look good going out without having to throw an old gross sweatshirt over whatever I am wearing.

  3. Ok, I just inventoried the closet and here’s what I’ve got for the taking….

    Party clothes
    Black sleeveless sheath dress, Ann Taylor, new with tags – size 16
    Black tweed skirt with black grosgrain ribbon detail at waist, Ann Taylor – size 14
    Black wool skirt with silver sequins detailing, Ann Taylor – size 14
    Black satin side-zip pants, Ann Taylor – size 12 (new with tags; I had planned to wear these the night I thought I was going to get engaged and that didn’t ever happen. I really want someone to have them for their own happy occasion.)

    Black and white tweed skirt suit with feminine flower detailing at jacket cuffs and bottom of skirt, Harolds, size 16
    Light tan pants suit, Ann Taylor – size 16
    Dark gray wool pants suit, Harolds – pants are 16, jacket 14 (both peices are new with tags. I bought at an end of season sale and had lost weight by the time winter came around again)

    Please note: Unless new, I had these tailored to be shorter. I am 5’3″ so they should fit someone about that height.
    Black velvet jeans, Ann Taylor – size 12 (I wore the heck out of these last winter and they are SUPER cute for casual holiday stuff.)
    Summer weight brown dress pants, Harolds – size 16
    Black wool pants, plain, Harolds – size 16
    Black summer weight pants – one 14 and one 16
    Summer weight textured kackis, Ann Taylor – size 16
    Summer weight gray pinstripe pants, Ann Taylor – size 14
    Salt and pepper corduroy pants, Harolds, size 16 (these use to be some of my very very favorite pants. They are warm and comfortable and machine washable.)
    Brown wool pinstripe pants, Harolds, new with tags – size 14

    Ok, that’s my stuff. I would be delighted for anyone to have any of it. My e-mail is

  4. Honestly, I have more stuff than I could possibly list. If you’re an 8 or 10 and are looking for something specific, please just drop me a line and I’ll go digging. As for email, use my name above at

  5. I’ve got lots, too. Here’s what’s not spoken for (I will try to post photos of some stuff on my blog):

    Two beautiful silk party dresses, green polka dotted Donna Ricco in size 22 and red on red floral Robbie Bee in 20.
    Grey and black wool A-line skirt, Talbots, size 20
    Charter Club grey trousers, 20
    Beige Old Navy cotton blazer, size XXL
    Light red linen tank dress, J Jill, 20
    Black crinkle cotton long sleeved blouse with ruffles, Allison Taylor 1X
    Venezia denim jacket 22/24
    Black cotton capris, Banana Republic, 14
    Dark brown, short sleeved crinkle cotton blouse with snaps, Style and Co 20
    Denim mini-skirt, Tommy Hilfiger, 22
    Short sleeved dark brown cotton sweater 1X
    Black knit tank with lace detail around neck and hem, XL

    I am looking for 14/16/XL stuff for winter. Long sleeved shirts, jeans, casual-ish dresses.

    You can reach me at

  6. Okay, did an inventory, and here’s what I’ve got….

    Summery Patio Dress – – teal, tellow and black, size 11

    Black Skirt Suit – Skirt size 10, Jacket size 12

    Red/Black Chinese Print Button Down Shirt Dress, size 10

    A few pairs of jeans, size 8

    Not a ton, but I just hit the Salvation Army with most of my stuff a few weeks ago. :-(

  7. i have a black and white flowered button up 18/20 dressy shirt. it’s lane bryant, but not recent. still in good condition, though.

    email is needlegrrl at gmail.

  8. I have things in sizes 12-18, Including dresses (I have a fabulous black wrap-top crepe dress in a 14W which I never had the chance to wear and wish still fit), suits, a leather skirt in a large size 12 (fit me when I was a 14), and shirts from J.Jill, Ann Taylor, etc. There is a dark chocolate suede Jones NY motorcycle jacket in a petite large that I hate to part with but is too big for me (would easily fit a 14, maybe a 16). I also have a few Le Mystere new without tags bras in 34D (thanks the great boob shrinkage of summer 2008 they are now too big).

    I’d be willing to send or trade for anything in an 6 (skirts), 8 (pants, dresses) or 10 (pants, jackets, shirts).

    My email is my above name twice at gmail.

  9. I have some blazers in 12-14, a black suit in 14/16. 2 nice sweaters in M (black and red) and I believe some dressy pants between 10-14.

    I’d love to trade for pants in 14, jackets in L to XL, good condition bras from 40DD or 42DD. Maybe a nice dress in a 16 for New Years…

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