Gone Fishing

Before, I really thought I needed a vacation. And then, after this week-and-a-bit, I really did need a vacation, really, really badly. It’s been a hell of a week-and-a-bit, and the thought that I would get out of town and away from everything, soon, sooner, in two days, in one day, tomorrow, has been the only thing that’s been keeping me upright and with my head more or less intact.

By this time tomorrow, I will be on the Mayan Riveria. I will possibly even be wearing the string bikini I bought if my courage does not fail me, and I will definitely feasting on buttery lobster that had been caught ten minutes previously. Icy, salty margaritas, hot hot sun, hot hot like the sun boyfriend, the beach. Oh, the beach. I may lie flat on the sand and not move the entire week, and it will be the best week of my life, after a week of hell. Or the hammock. The hammock is nice, too (to your right: an actual picture of our actual future hammock. Seriously. I KNOW).

I’m a lucky girl.

I’ll be back next week! And back blogging, too, for reals. I will bring you a coconut.

5 Replies to “Gone Fishing”

  1. I’d be bitchingly jealous right now, except you deserve every bit of this week.
    Oh who am I kidding – go to hell.
    But don’t forget sunscreen!
    I hope by the time you’re reading this you’re sitting in that hammock.

  2. Did you know that you can actually mail a coconut? I had a friend who did that; not the hairy kind you get at the grocery store, but one with a proper shell. You paint/sharpie on an address, you bring it to the post office, and they stick on the postage.

    Just in case you want to send one to your mom or something, I thought I’d let you know it can be done. :) (Unless the post office has changed its policies… but imagine getting a coconut instead of a post card!)

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