how long its been

I didn’t realize that it had been so long.  It’s felt like forever and ever, but I thought that was just because Time Had Lost All Meaning Down Here in the Bottom of the Well So Deep That When You Look Up You Only See Night’s Endless Blackness and the Cold, Uncaring White Light of Far-Away Stars. No, it turns out that weeks and weeks have passed, without me meaning to have let them, and the fact that they are gone forever with not much to show for them is enough to make me want to start whimpering again. But I’m better, now. I really am.

Not best, but when am I ever? But it was a little scary there, for awhile.

I’ll be back shortly, for reals. I just wanted to say, in the meantime, your emails and your comments–shit, you guys. Thank you.

9 Replies to “how long its been”

  1. Me too.
    It sounds weird to say about someone you’ve never met, but I was worried about you and hope you’re feeling better.

  2. I am always happy to throw a rope down the well. And then won’t you be sorry you laughed at the gym teacher who wanted you to climb a rope, eh?

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