wait long enough

Hey, look at that. You wait long enough, and the seasons will go and change on you. It won’t say a word of apology for how long it took, how delayed it is, how it didn’t call and let you know what was going on, how it showed up smelling like smoke and with lipstick on its collar and looking a little crosseyed, but you don’t care because it’s spring and it’s finally here and you are just glad that it’s safe and not tied up in the brig of a Somalian pirate ship somewhere getting the pollen beat right out of it.

Spring. Hi. I missed you. You’re cute. Let’s not ever fight again, okay? Because I really did miss you. I missed bare legs and pink collarbones and giant blue skies that seem much closer and clouds that are so much cuddlier. I missed the sun creeping closer and closer and getting goldener and goldener. I missed warm rain and wet grass and trees that burst into lavender and white, boom. I want to shout BOOM! every time I pass a new explosion of flowers. BOOM.

I missed the dog park, and even the smell of the dog park. I missed standing in the middle of the field and watching an entire pack of dog fling themselves wildly across the grass after a ball or a stick or a Frisbee or just because they are dogs and that is what they do, but they will always come back and tell you all about the exciting adventures they just had and what they saw and what they did and they were gone for so long and experienced so many things and it was so interesting and they were so adventurous and had such good adventures but now they are back and they MISSED YOU SO MUCH. It is hard to feel sorry for yourself when you’re knee-deep in dogs who love you love you love you love you love you HI.

I missed open windows and the waft of a curtain, blowing out, settling in, blowing out, settling back in. A cat in a loaf on the windowsill in a sunbeam, supervising the change in weather, that slow yellow blink the strongest signal of very strong approval you’ve ever seen. I’ve missed turning off the heat and hearing the noises of the apartment unfiltered through the white noise of a furnace. Coming home to a still-bright apartment, still warm from the sun.

It was worth waiting for, this spring stuff. Utah does spring right. Utah has the big blue sky and the enormous, craggy mountains changing colors. Utah knows from puffy clouds and warm breezes and fields of green and the smell of fresh hay. Utah can rustle up some outdoor dining at a cafe table in the sun, a prettily manicured, green and leafy park at lunch time, surprise bursts of surprise flowers, surprise! Utah knows how to balance on the edge of warm but not hot, rainy before it dries up, sunshine bright, for long enough to let you appreciate it, to whirl around barefoot with your head flung back, Exclaiming About the Wonder and the Beauty of It All, and Aren’t We So Glad to Be Alive in a Such a Beautiful World? Yes.

Photo by wildpianiste

5 Replies to “wait long enough”

  1. Love your blog. You sound so much better then your last post. Good for you. I grew up in Pleasant Grove Utah. I really miss the mouontains, and go for visits all the time to see family. Great post. You are a talented writer. 3 cheers for Spring!

  2. This. Was. AMAZING!
    I know the next time I pass by a magenta azaela bush or a white dogwood tree, I’m going to say BOOM!

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