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It’s been more than four months, hasn’t it? And that’s a very long time. So much can happen in four months! Of course, I am trying to remember what’s happened in the past four months, but mostly what I’m thinking about is how we have cheese in the fridge and granola bars on the counter and I have a lot of work to do and I want to get some writing done tonight and has anyone fed Porter yet? I am a distractible person, but for you I am ignoring the thing that’s shiny over there. As far as you know. There could have been a week and a half between those last two sentences! You don’t know! There wasn’t. But I thought about getting up to put the teakettle on.

Anyway, what has happened? Firstly and most obviously, Jennette Fulda of Make My Blog Pretty has—wait for it—made my blog so pretty. We are now called “Awesomesauce!” Because really, there’s no other word for it. I’ve switched to a bloggy kind of format, so that I can post entries more often, shorter ones with no pictures, if I don’t want to make a picture go, which makes it ever so much more totally and completely likely that I’ll be putting words up, I can’t even tell you. I loved my last theme, but it was an arduous task that took the lives of my brave women and men each and every time I endeavored to post a new entry about things and the business. So if I wanted to just jabber about hair product or Hershey’s kisses, instead of writing something substantive, it wasn’t going to happen. But now it can! Holy crap, I can write entries about my toes every single day! I won’t. BUT I COULD. And that is such a beautiful thing for me and my muse. And by “muse” I mean “check me out, I’m a pretentious asshole!” (Note: I don’t have a muse. But it’s possible I’m still a pretentious asshole! Yay!)

Anyway, contact Jennette if you want someone fast, furious, talented, communicative, wonderful, affordable and who smells nice. To design and code your blog, I mean.

What else. I moved in with E and his roommate; I have a writer’s garret upstairs and I can’t even stand how awesome it is. Okay, it’s more “where I keep my stuff” than “writer’s garret,” but it is pretty much still completely lovely. Living with E is as terrific as I had hoped; I am fond of Roommate J, we all take turns cooking (some of us, and now I’m coughing into my hand but it sounds like I’m saying “me!”, much more terribly than others of us). We grocery shop. We’ve stopped eating fast food more or less. I have quit drinking diet pepsi, and now spend all day drinking water and tea. You can go back and reread that sentence, flabbergasted amongst you. I know. I don’t fucking believe it either.

I still have the best agents ever in the history of them—they are supportive and smart and savvy and one hundred percent on my side and holy of holies, etc. I’m writing my book now, and it is a big kind of flailing mess, but I’ve got an amazing writing partner who cheers me on hard and pats my head and tells me “hooray!” and kicks my ass when I don’t write and I think I’m going to have a (bad) draft by December 20. Then a holiday break, and then a rewrite and we’ll see what happens from there. Hopefully only good things. I have ideas for YA novels, and YA fantasy novels and regular novels, too, and ideas for tearing apart my grad school novel and rebuilding it in a bionic sort of fashion, and I feel happy about that, and more hope is there too.

I paid off my car; I’m in the process of figuring out my significantly five-figure tax bill and that is such a relief I can barely stand it. I am considering, seriously, plastic surgery for the poof that is my belly, which drives me nuts and makes me self-conscious. I had a consultation, during which the nurse invited me to admire her excellent and professionally done boob job. It really was spectacular. It’s still just a thought.

My inbox has three things in it; I visited San Francisco for three weeks and lived like a damn hell ass king, and came home with a new freelance client. In general, I feel good about my life and my choices and the choices I’ve made for my life, and I like candy.

So that is to sum up.

I’m sure that there’s lots of stuff that I will remember that I wanted to talk about, and the exciting thing is that now I can! And totally will! This is what I hope. I miss this, have missed it, don’t want to miss it any more. Hi, you guys! I missed you too.

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  1. YA *and* fantasy?! Oh, Ms. Larson, you do make a girl’s head spin! I wave my wine glass in your general direction and wait with bated breath.

  2. JEN you’re back!
    This is so odd, because I know we have never met, but last night I had a dream that you tweeted that you’d not been blogging because you were too busy having twins, after a super-secret-not-blogged-about pregnancy. How freaking bizarre is that? And there very next day here you are with a return to blogdom! And in actuality raising some killer ideas for novels! Which is even better than children if you ask me.
    Glad to hear things are going so well :)

  3. HURRAH! HURRAH TIMES A THOUSAND! I look forward to reading whatever you may post, as often as you can post it. And I sure hope you’ll consider sharing some imagery of that writer’s garret … what a dream.

  4. You quit drinking diet pepsi and now you drink tea and water all day? WELCOME TO MY WORLD! Go, you, go!!! Count the days and feel fantastic about it.

    I’ve missed you, friend.

  5. I’m so glad you’re back! I hope you will come to Weetacon VI and yes, do the tummy tuck. It’s so worth it. If you need a good plastic guy, come stay with me and I’ll take you to see mine.

  6. YAY!! I’ve loved reading your posts from day 1. It’s great to see you excited about posting here again!


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