extra day 2012

Wow, what has it been, four years since the last leap? What have you done for the past four years? What are you going to do with the next four years? And what are you going to do with this extra day we have had handed to us? An extra day inserted into your life, that shouldn’t be spent the way other days are spent, the way you should spend gift money on things that you ordinarily wouldn’t buy, like a parrot or a go-kart or an entire wheel of cheese.

This event, my inspiration, encourages you to “Finish a project, phone a long-lost friend or relative, investigate something you’ve been meaning to investigate, take an alternate route, sign up, commit, cancel, change.” I can do that! There is SO MUCH I haven’t done! There are SO MANY things I can change.

So many, in fact, that I got dizzy and had to go lie down for awhile because I am weak and kittenish and easily distracted and I got hungry. I made a list of all the projects and goals and to-dos and haven’t-dones that have fallen off my list lately, and then I realized that I wasn’t actually going to repaint the entire house or write a comic gothic horror novel or plant an entire corn field in the space of the day.

So for my bonus extra super day, I thought I’d start small. I thought I’d go emblematic. Something that signals my intent to continue the way I’ve started, to begin as the way I intend to go on. I’ve been whining about how I’m dying to try hot yoga for years and years. I lived two blocks from a studio when I lived in San Francisco; when I moved to Utah, I lived next door to one. NEXT DOOR. And somehow I’ve never managed to put some pants on and go sweat and fart and probably pass out from heat stroke and fatigue in the company of strangers.

How could I have waited so long to publicly humiliate myself? There is no way of knowing. But the day’s finally come where I’m going to go for it. Today I’m going to go do hot yoga. And if it is a horrible nightmare from outer space I can pretend it never happened, because today is the day that doesn’t actually exist in the normal scheme of things. And if I die, I will respawn on March 1 because February 29 wasn’t real!

That sounds reasonable to me.

And if I don’t die, or have to spend the rest of the day floating in a bathtub full of cold water and ice, I’m going to take a nap.

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  1. I read the blurb before I read the title or the date you posted this, so for a moment thought you were making a Quantum Leap reference. Apparently I’m a nerd. A nerd stuck in the late 80s. (Or did I just LEAP from there? Hmmmm?)

    Hot yoga, by the way, is awesome if you happen to be a hothouse flower (which I am).

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