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winter, sports

Where I live, winter hits like a prizefighter (only meaner) and the mountains are covered in snow and the temperature drops to numbers that make penguins feel sad and anyone who is right in the head ought to be indoors wearing a down union suit and covered in blankets and heating pads, with the heat turned up to 80° and… Read more →

holiday post-mortem

Did it feel like the holiday season came crashing on top of you like a tinsel-covered wave? Have you emerged gasping yet, back into real life, or are you still floating face-down in the surf where it is so peaceful and serene in the dark as you bob along? I am bracing myself to break the surface and suck in… Read more →


In the past few years, I have become a person who moisturizes. For years I would spring from the shower and into my clothes and dive out the door, because sleeping until the last moment and spending little to no time on grooming or maintenence seemed to me to be a waste of valuable time and non-renewable resources. Why slather… Read more →

just what i needed

Since I moved to Utah, I have been inviting people to come visit Utah. Come visit Utah! I say. It has got fry sauce and mountains! Mormons and me! You will love Utah! You will come because of a sense of obligation and because you feel a little bit sorry for me, the way that I live in Utah, but you… Read more →

personal history

At the gym, there is an older lady who takes the morning water aerobics class. I’d say that she is in her late fifties, at the very latest. She looks ordinary in her street clothes, and then when she takes them off, she looks as if someone reached out and gently let all the air out of her. Her skin… Read more →

slow down and love the season

Inside your head, around this time, starts a high-pitched keening. Bright and beautiful Hanukkah-full-of-food (and a lot of presents, rumor has it) starts Sunday, Christmas is barreling down upon us with the safety off and a look of wild-eyed rage, and everywhere, everything is shouting that it’s coming, it’s coming, it’s coming don’t you know it’s coming and you think… Read more →

i almost believe they are real

I’m on Facebook totally against my will. That’s right, someone tied me up and duct-taped me to a chair and took me by the hair and bashed my face into the keyboard such that the combination of keystrokes actually connected me to a browser which navigated over to and then signed up up and added all my personal information,… Read more →