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People Magazine:

People Review

Kirkus Reviews: An arresting memoir about the author’s experience with weight-loss surgery.”

Deseret News: ‘Stranger Here’ documents weight-loss surgery experience “Stranger Here’ reveals physical and mental pain of obesity and gastric bypass

Women’s eNews: “Weight loss surgery sheds writer’s pounds, not habits


Behind the Mic Radio: Author Jen Larsen

The Women’s Room, 89.7 WGLSfm: 03/28/2013, Interview with Jen Larsen

KWMR with Raul Gallyot: Interview with authors Virgie Tovar and Jen Larsen

Eric Barry has me on Full Disclosure (if you know what I mean) [NSFW]: Episode 34

Fox13: Utah author discusses her book on weight loss surgery

ABC News: “The Skinny Paradox: Losing Weight but Still Unhappy

Good Morning America: “Woman Says Losing 200 Pounds Made her Miserable” [editor’s note: I am really not miserable.]

Windy City Live: Stranger Here Author Jen Larsen

Sunrise:‘Weight loss made me unhappy’

MSNBC: Skinny dream burst by weight loss realities

SF Chronicle: “Jen Larsen loses weight, gains resentment

Zulkey dot com: “Interview with Jen Larsen

Learning to Eat: “Contributor Spotlight: Jen Larsen

Essays and Other Press

Huffington Post: “Excerpt: Stranger Here

Refinery 29: “What Losing 180 Pounds Really Does To Your Body — & Your Mind

Yahoo! Shine: “What Losing 180 Pounds Does to Your Body

Daily Mail: “Woman who shed 180lbs after weight loss surgery reveals how ‘the fairy tale of being skinny’ was an ‘astonishing’ disappointment

Hello Giggles: “Jen Larsen on Being Skinny and Being Happy and Why They Aren’t Related.”

The New York Post: “Stranger inside: she lost half her body weight; then her troubles began

The Whatever: “The Big Idea

Office of Letters and Light: Why I Write Memoir (Memoir Is French for Awesome)

Equals You Plus Me: Emotional Montage

Book trailer by Molly McIntyre: